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  1. Yes it is sad how the system works except when it doesn't. I live in Ga. where we have the worst record of any state for filing and receiving in a timely manner. Personally I I saw my ALJ this past Wed. 4/03/2013 so wish me luck I was told that I would be receiving the decision ny mail in 6-8 weeks. I originally applied in Oct. 2009 have been turned down twice applied for an appeal each time. It often looks like they just hope we all get fed up and quit trying, if mine doesn't go through this time I have one appeal left per my attorney. I have Celiacs, COPD, Fibromyalgia, many chemcial sensitivites but that all of us I'm sure, arthritis and suffer from anxiety and depression and I almost forgot that the hypertension has all but killed my eyes use a cpap machine every night, I always reply when asked about my depression that wouldn't you be too but then again I always try to see the bright side of things because there are a lot of people that have it worse. I'm thankful to have found this site. Don't give up, get an atty and keep smiling