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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Newbee To This...

    To all of you, What can I say but thanks your very helpful. I'm sure I will have more questions as I read through everything. I can't believe all of the helpful friendly advice all of you have given me, Amazing! I hope one day I can be of assistance to all of you. Thank you all very much! John
  2. Newbee To This...

    Hi GFinDC, Thanks for the info and links. I have done and am doing all of the suggestions except for the dairy, sugar and starchy foods I didn't know that they were no no's thanks. They are now "off" my eat list! I have a couple of questions: 1. Which probiotics do you think are best? 2. Edible digestive enzymes, never heard of them. Again which do you suggest? 3. I had no idea there were such things as gluten-free vitamins. I looked at the label on my vitamins. I didn't see anything indicating Gluten ( wheat barley etc ). What should I look for? Is it a simple as a "Gluten Free" label? Wow, the things you learn when something like this happens. I love cooking. I'm no gourmet but I try to make things taste good ( the kids aren't crazy about vegetables so I have to give them a little help, the vegetables that is. A short steaming then some butter and salt and pepper ). You guys are awsome! Thanks for the support. John
  3. Newbee To This...

    Sorry I forgot to tell you. The Doctor had me on Tecta for 2 months. He said it is usually 2 weeks. He told me it didn't do anything and yet no H. pylori. I don't know if that made sense but there just the points I remember. He can be vague. I kind of get the feeling he is just watching everything to see what happens. John
  4. Newbee To This...

    Hi, Thanks for the responses. There was no sign of H. pylori, but there were clusters of ulsers in the duodenal. He says that do to the number of clusters of ulsers there are probably more further down the intestine. I think what happened with the blood coming out of the back end was due to taking ondansetron to stop the vomiting because it was out of control ( I vomited so hard before going on the ondansetron that I got a black eye. The looks I got from people were pretty funny ). He said there were no anal fissures, That was my guess as well as the thought that if the blood could not come out of my mouth it had to go else where, but I'm guessing. I truly appreciate the responses, thank you both. I'm going to go read the Newbie 101 now and look into more about what you posted. Cheers, I hope you both continued good health. John
  5. Hello, I'm new here and I'm trying to understand this stuff better. I'll tell you my story in point form. Positive biopsy Positive visual from Doctor Celiac Blood test score over 200 I was put on a treatment for two months ( I don't remember the name of the stuff ) I have to take lots of vitumins everyday. I have clusters of ulsers in my doadenal ( Doctor say probably lots more in deeper. ) I was vomiting blood for months ( got worse over time ) Passing blood out on my back end ( Kind of like peeing out my bum ) Doctor says we have to watch very close because this can turn bad. ( I thought it all ready was lol ) I have Ostiopeania ( bone problems ( explains my 16 bone breaks in my life )) Question: I understand the bone problem but what about all this other stuff? Can anyone explain this to me a little better. Thanks John