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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The only meds I take are my armor for my hypothyroid....but the gut symptoms have been ongoing for upwards of 7+ years. I just started taking armor less than a year ago.
  2. I found a few very interesting articles on the relationship between SIgA and celiac/colitis! I have VERY high cortisol, hypothyroid, and as immune system in the toilet...constant sinus infections and bronchitis, as well as UTI's and yeast infections.... I kind of feels like things are starting to make sense! http://www.foodsmatter.com/allergy_intolerance/miscellaneous/articles/iga_deficiency_food_allergy.html
  3. Is this the same as Total Salivary SIgA? I had this tested recently and it came back VERY depressed My result was 6 mg/dl - Normal 25-60 mg/dl
  4. Thank you so much MGR! My doctor brought up Ulceritive Colitis and the symptoms sound spot on...I am making the GI appt ASAP. I always wondered why going gluten free cleared up so much and my gut remained a wreck! I have been wading through all of the bowel diseases and this seems the most probable.
  5. I have been gluten free over a year and went dairy light a few months ago and dairy free about a month and half ago. Giving up gluten solved many of my problems....numbness in my arms and legs, extreme fatigue, and some of the brain fog issues (still don't feel as quick as I used to be) When I do get "glutened" I have VERY neurological symptoms....muscles spasms, eyes shaking, trembling, weakness, super nauseous and dizzy, etc. I am still having BAD GI issues, and I can't figure out why! Extreme bowel urgency, almost constant diarrhea for years, blood in stool, gas, worst is the few accidents I have experienced (ONE IN AN AIRPORT!!). I have been hospitalized twice once with extreme pain, vomiting, diarrhea (no diagnosis, just pain killers) I have been recommended to a GI for a colonoscopy. Is anyone familiar with these symptoms or still have them after giving up gluten?
  6. Test Results.....worrying?

    I have been on a gluten free diet for a year now, and I my testing was all done POST gluten free diet. The original cortisol testing was done through blood. I just received my spit test results back: Gliadin was negative (obviously, I don't eat gluten) My morning cortisol was depressed and the noon, afternnon and midnight were normal. My total salivary SIgA was 6mg/dl - Normal 25-60mg/dl My understanding is that total salivary SIgA has to do with your mucosal membranes, and is something that can be low in people with Celiac? Does anybody know more information on total salivary SIgA? Update since my last post: My new Dr. has sent more for an MRI and evoked potentials test for Multiple Sclerosis. I have had numbness and tingling for years and have developed an obvious weakness in my left side. Still waiting on the results of my Thyroid U/S Thanks ya'll so much!
  7. Test Results.....worrying?

    The peak range (morning) was Range: 2.3-19.4 and my result (taken around noon) was 36.4
  8. Test Results.....worrying?

    The last time my antibodies were tested I had been gluten free for almost 3 months, so, it seems as though they are useless. I will look into the adrenal support supplement, I did a spit test for adrenal function and should know the results of that very soon. My only antibody test was 9 months ago: Gluten free for a little over 3 months at the time Thyroglobulin abs <10 IU/ml Range < 115 IU/ml I am concerned about the level of inflammation on my current test...could that indicate fibromyalgia? I always thought my pain was due to my job as an aerialist. I also read it could be an indication of celiac. hs-CRP 6.7 Range: <1.0 Thank ya'll for helping me sort this craziness out!!
  9. Test Results.....worrying?

    She refuses to run my antibodies again (because my insurace won't cover them), they haven't been tested in 9 months. I am going to a new Dr. on the 30th. I just want some answers...I'm sick of being told to take fish oil and sleep more. My D3 is low and my tests basically indicate I'm at high risk for cardiac episodes, which makes zero sense...I am a 26 year old female fitness instructor who eats VERY well 90% of the time.
  10. Spit Test For Celiac?

    Bit of an update on this: I have been informed that the spit test I did for my high cortisol will also test for the celiac GENE, which makes a lot more sense. Hoping to get that test result back soon. Thanks a bunch guys!
  11. Hi ya'll I got some new blood work back yesterday and I am not comforted by the results, obviously something is wrong...and I'm not getting any answers. I am Hypothyroid but non hashimotos and have been gluten free for almost a year I have a couple of off the charts results in inflammation and cortisol: Cortisol 36.4 ug/dl Range: 2.3-19.4 hs-CRP 6.7 Range: <1.0 Also my TSH is UP from my last bloodwork from 2.5 to 3.09 I finally convinced her to up my armor by 15mcg after she let me sit on the same dose for 9 months. My coritsol is up from my last bloodwork from 34. Adrenal fatigue? My C reactive protein (inflammation) is silly high and I know this can be indicative of celiac. My body has been in so much pain lately that I worry about fibromyalgia. I should get the results of my testing for whether I have the Celiac gene soon. A little family history: Great grandmother, and grandmother diagnosed hypothyroid, uncle has MS, grandma is allergic to gluten (refuses to admit it, but does say she feels better when she doesn't eat bread) surprise surprise she is schizophrenic, manic depressive, and bipolar. Great grandmother also has stomach cancer and diverticulitis. I'm afraid they are all killing themselves with this protein!!! Thank you for your insight! My Dr. (just found out she is an ARNP) has been of little assistance.
  12. Just noticed my ridges recently, which seems strange because I didn't have them before going gluten free...I had a sneaking suspicion it was malabsorption. and....holy crap where are my moons! I'm missing 6 of them!!!
  13. I was getting bloodwork done a few days ago to test my thyroid and a few other things and I was recommended a cortisol test for adrenal function as my cortisol was double the highest number. I got the test home and realised that it also has a box to test for celiac. My doctor recommended testing as my symptoms are many. Does anyone have any experience with the saliva test? I was confused because I have only ever heard of the blood tests and the endoscopy.. I am dx'd hypothyroid and taking armor also gluten free for 8 months. After going gluten free my peripheral neuropathy improved dramatically, and my heartburn and gas also improved greatly. I'm still dealing with issues though....I am pretty careful with my diet, but when I do get glutened it is an awful experience. before going gluten free I hadn't had a solid BM in 2+ years! In the last month or so I have developed ridges in my nails, and I am concerned that they are from malnutrition. I am a fitness instructor and eat very well. My main concern is that before I went gluten free I was hospitalized twice with extreme stomach and intestinal issues that they could find no reason for...vomiting, extreme pain, and *cough* having "accidents" ONE IN AN AIRPORT!! They just put me on percoset and sent me home. My Great Grandmother is hyothyroid and has stomach cancer, my Grandmother is hypothyroid and has a "wheat" allergy, and my uncle has MS. My Dr. has the "just don't eat gluten and if you feel better great" attitude but I feel like I need to know the seriousness of the issue...and I don't know how accurate these saliva tests are! Or if it is worth glutening myself for an endoscopy? Thanks so much for your input!
  14. Thank you all for you advice! I haven't had any problem with red wine and that is usually all I drink. It was a coyote ugly (so probably not super clean) but the glasses were plastic so I figured I was okay. The vodky i'm sure didn't help, I usually don't drink much liquor. We ate at a restaurant earlier that I usually have no problem with and they have a great gluten free menu...but it was prom night and the place was PACKED. I'll bet they were just less careful than usual and I probably got cross contaminated there.
  15. Systemic Tendonitis

    I am also dealing with the combination of hypothyroid and Gluten intolerance. I did not realize it would take so long for my joint pain/tendonitis/carpal to improve. This website is such a lifesaver. I am going to check out orthopedic massage for sure!