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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Feeling Horrible After Cutting Out Gluten

    It's very sad but I have to agree on the whole doctor's always blowing me off thing. I'm a very difficult case because I have so many health issues yet I've gone through tons of tests coming back as normal. They don't want to try helping me because all the easy stuff for them has been done already. I even had one doctor say "well it looks like you just have the valerie disease and we don't know" (valerie is my name) I will call my doctor today and ask about the celiac blood test. Thank you all very much for the feedback
  2. Feeling Horrible After Cutting Out Gluten

    I would also hate to go back to eating gluten just for a test since this is my longest streak I've been off it and my health is getting pretty bad already for being so young
  3. Feeling Horrible After Cutting Out Gluten

    It's a bit strange, the doctors I did see did not recommend I get tested because they said it would not be worth it. I've had 3 doctors tell me to just go ahead and start cutting out gluten and see how I feel. One was my endocrinologist. I will be seeing a gastroenterologist soon about the other issues. I've had my symptoms chalked off as "just IBS" for many years, until I started bleeding.
  4. So I've been trying to go gluten free on and off for a couple years now with no such luck, but now that I'm in a much more emotionally stable place I am ready to give it my all. I have never had the celiac test done on me but I've been having issues with blood in my stool (darker blood), mucus, random attacks of very painful cramps and diarrhea, being constipated all the time, having lactose intolerance when I never used to be and always being tired and in pain. I have Hashimotos hypothyroid as well so I am trying gluten free out to see if any of my symptoms improve. I've been gluten free for a week now and I'm physically feeling very ill. It almost feels like I have a cold or flu. My body is in a lot of pain, I have post nasal drip and sneezing, really bad headaches and going to the bathroom a lot. Is this normal or a coincidence? Shouldn't I be feeling better?
  5. What's Your Blood Type?

    My entire family and I are O -
  6. Hi everyone, I have heard before that Celiac disease can make one lactose intolerant over time due to intestinal damage. I have never been lactose intolerant, at least with symptoms, when I was younger (I am now 20) but now I can't eat even a single slice of cheese without getting either lots of gas, acid reflux or even cramping and diarrhea. I feel the effects of eating dairy instantaneously. Yet if I were to just eat a product containing gluten, such as a slice of bread, I get no symptoms at all. If my lactose intolerance is caused by damage from Celiac's, shouldn't I also feel symptoms from the gluten as well? How can I feel just the lactose intolerance but nothing from the gluten? Thanks!
  7. I Am Having A Hard Time Wrapping My Head Around This...

    Hi everyone again, sorry for the late reply Thank you all for your feedback It seems that a lot here agree I should get tested for Celiac's. While I would love to know there really is a test out there that can tell me once and for all if I have this or not...why does my doctor say testing for Celiac's is not accurate? If the test does come back negative, wouldn't there still be a big chance of having the disease or at least being what they call "gluten sensitive or intolerant"? Then I would just be back to square one, where I am now, where nobody knows for sure. This is very difficult for me to go through right now with so much on my mind and my school nagging me to get a bunch of projects done. Not to mention I am weaning off of 7 years worth of antidepressants, which are giving me terrible withdrawal symptoms. I just don't know if I really am cut out to make this big change during such a stressful time. I never knew how much thought needed to go into something as simple as eating a single bite of food...i feel like I am going to go insane haha
  8. I Am Having A Hard Time Wrapping My Head Around This...

    Yes I have had a blood test for Hashimoto's. My antibodies were extremely high and my TSH was a bit high (not to mention I have had terrible symptoms of it for years and it runs in my family). The one link I clicked on that says "Who should be tested for celiac disease", I fit much of that criteria. My doctor has an MD, but he integrates alternative practices with standard medical practices. Every doctor I have been to before him that was considered "real" (and I've been to so many I can't even remember the exact number) didn't know a damned thing about my condition and I was even misdiagnosed as narcoleptic! Just because someone has credentials doesn't always make them qualified in the least He seems to be the only one that completely understands what I am going through, and has many patients who are exactly like me and have improved significantly off gluten. Once they have been off gluten for a while, their thyroid antibodies decrease. There are studies out there that have found this link between gluten causing other problems in the body other than just the digestive track. I believe one was done by the University of Maryland. Sorry I can't say for sure the name of the studies, but I would like to know this information as well :/ My body is clearly trying to tell me something is very very wrong. I have lost my periods, can only stay awake for about 8 hours each day (i've been like that for a long time and almost couldn't graduate high school because of it) my muscles are sore and always stiff, my heart rate beats at around 120 bpm constantly...I can go on and on. No healthy person at my age should be going through this. So I have no other choice but to try this gluten free diet and hope that I have found the culprit, because surely nobody else has found it for me yet.
  9. I Am Having A Hard Time Wrapping My Head Around This...

    This is very informative, thank you! I just wish I was able to get an explanation like this sooner. I had no idea gluten antibodies continued to stay in the body even long after one stops exposing themselves to it. I didn't even know there was such a big difference between an autoimmune attack and allergies...I really need to start getting my facts on the immune system straight
  10. I Am Having A Hard Time Wrapping My Head Around This...

    Thanks for the replies! Yes, that is correct- I have not been tested for Celiac disease. Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, from what I have read and from what my doctor tells me, is linked to gluten sensitivity because supposedly our bodies mistake the thyroid for being gluten and begin to attack it, since they are very similar in chemical makeup. It is strange, I know. I have had digestive problems all my life as well, mostly constipation (I won't go for 4-5 days straight sometimes) with the occassional random attack of severe intestinal cramping and diarrhea. However since I stopped eating gluten, I haven't had one of those attacks in a long time and the mucus that used to appear in my stool has disappeared. My doctor says there is no accurate test for celiac disease...? He says the only sure way to find out is to be completely off of it for a long time, and then introduce it again to see if it I feel any symptoms. It is unfortunate that I don't get any symptoms like Mushroom said...because in the back of my mind I don't know for sure if this is my problem. But my doctor has no doubt in his mind that this is what is causing me to feel constantly tired, weak, etc;
  11. I Am Having A Hard Time Wrapping My Head Around This...

    Well that's the thing, it doesn't make me sick, unless I eat tons of it...at least to my knowledge. My doctor for the most part is just assuming that my problem is gluten based on statistics from other people who have the same disease. We really don't know for sure
  12. Why is it so bad to have gluten every once in a while if you experience no symptoms? I am new to this whole "gluten free" lifestyle I must succumb myself to. I was recently diagnosed at the beginning this year with severe Hashimoto's thyroiditis (I know it's not Celiac's, but they are both both autoimmune diseases triggered by eating gluten and have many similarities) I am only 20 years old. Before I stopped eating gluten my entire day consisted of breads, pastas, snacks, etc;... it was a gigantic mess. So now, I have made a huge improvement and stay completely gluten free for each week...but always find myself having one meal on one day with a portion consisting of gluten, either because I am out somewhere and I am starving or I am just sick of having to suffer through this and crave it for psychological reasons. I feel no difference when I eat gluten. But there are those out there, including my doctor, who freak out and say that you can't have ANY GLUTEN, even the tiniest crumb will destroy you and take years off your life! Could someone please tell me, what is the difference between telling somebody to never eat gluten, not even the most miniscule amount, and saying someone with seasonal allergies must lock themselves up in a sterilized room and never step outside again? Aren't they both "immune responses"? Aren't they both a little extreme? It would be great if you could provide links if you can, and information about the immune system and WHY it does this when you eat a tiny amount of gluten. I am new to this and don't understand why it is so bad to eat gluten on a rare occassion if you don't have symptoms. Please keep any insane emotional outbursts to yourself, such as "Because you WILL die!" Scare tactics do not work on me. I am going through enough hell as it is having to give up every food I love. Thank you very much for reading all this!