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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am very sensitive to CC so I have opted to simply not eat out unless there is not another option. Before I made that decision though I went to Chipotle a number of times with reasonable success. I told them I was allergic to wheat, ordered a burrito bowl and asked them kindly to change their gloves. Typically instead of all of them changing their gloves just one of them took my bowl all the way down the line. It does feel a lot like an its all about me moment, but don't feel bad it is about your health. Just beware of the cheese and lettuce. They grab it with there gloved hands and even if they have changed there gloves for you. They were just previously reaching in those bins with gloves that may have touched a tortilla. Good luck.
  2. After about a year of recovery where I certainly made a few mistakes with CC I was really feeling great, back to my old self. Whatever it was this time though really got me good. So I am three weeks into recovering from my first severe glutening. It is taking forever and I hate this feeling. I would like to at least come away from this setback a little smarter. So here goes; I always noticed that I would feel worse at the end of the day. What I don't know is why. I started thinking that perhaps the combination of the malabsorption and the fact that I struggle to eat when feeling bad leave me low on nutrients and by the end of the day my body is spent. Then I started thinking that this could also explain why I will start feeling better and then regress. Since when I am feeling terrible it is all I can do to get to work and back as soon as I have a good day, I start playing catch up and get all of the housework, yard work, etc. done. Does anyone else experience this type of thing in their recovery? I have also decided to step up my nutritional supplements. I was taking Prilosec, Align, and a chewable multivitamin that states gluten free. I am now going to try the Celiact Multivitamin I found here at the Gluten Free Mall. The Celiact contains probiotics so I am thinking I can drop the Align as well as the Multivitamin. That will help the wallet, besides I am not sure how much probiotics are too much.
  3. My symptoms began suddenly after a trip to Grand Cayman. At first I swore it was some sort of parasite. I was tested for hyper thyroid and everything else the doctors could think of. Sometimes I think that perhaps there were some minor symptoms over the years, but the major symptoms the ones that made me feel so bad I was going to the emergency room, it was as if someone flipped a switch. Hope that helps.
  4. Thank you all for your advice and support. This life style change has been a learning process for me as I am sure it is for everyone. My best to you regarding your own health. I hope to get my condition under control and eventually be able to help others by sharing my experience as you have.
  5. After becoming terribly ill for months a year ago, I went strictly gluten free. I started feeling better right away and a year later I was back to feeling great and in excellent shape. Two and a half weeks ago I traveled for business and had to try to stay gluten free eating out. In the middle of the trip I became really sick. Since then I have been feeling better but on multiple occasions I have had symptoms and I am struggling to eat even though I am back to following my diet. I am hoping that someone can tell me if they have ever experienced something similar. I hate that this is making me question if I have some issue other than gluten, especially with the mental symptoms I start to second guess what I was so sure of just three weeks ago.
  6. Does anyone have a doctor they can recommend in Maryland, DC, or Northern VA? I know that the Center for Celiac Research has moved from Baltimore to Boston. I suddenly became really sick the winter of 2011 at 33 years old. I went to doctors for months with a lot of tests and very few suggestions. I would do my own research when I had the energy and I discovered that many if not all of my crazy symptoms could be linked to Celiac Disease. Desperate for a cure I started a strict gluten free diet and I began to improve. After about a year I had returned to the health I was in prior to becoming sick. However recently I have been relapsing to some of the symptoms I was having before. Long story short, I would like to get some professional help with my diet and make sure that there are not additional issues I should be aware of. Terms like "leaky gut" and others are still foreign to me. Thank you and thanks for this web site, it has been a blessing.