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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. 2 Months Gluten Free & Still.....

    I want to thank everyone who has posted on this topic for their comments and suggestions. As suggested, a couple of weeks ago I adopted a dairy free protocol and was already to declare "mission accomplished" .......until today !! There definitely seemed to be an improvement in the number of D days, but then "wham" again today. So, guess I'll have to be even more vigilant about the Gluten content of foods eaten in tiny amounts and try to sort out what's causing the problem. It sure doesn't help that the reaction time (as reported here) seems to vary substantially (maybe even on a personal basis). I'm also wondering if anyone else has had any experience with proton pump inhibitors. I've been on one for about 2 years, roughly the same length of time I've had "D" issues. Maybe I should start a new topic about this.
  2. 2 Months Gluten Free & Still.....

    Thanks for the thoughts and ideas. I'll definitely try eliminating dairy - especially since I often have some yogurt at breakfast. I'm really curious about the "delay time" between eating a "problem" food and the onset of diarrhea. Is it typically almost immediate (say... within an hour) or can the problem manifest itself 12-24 hours later? All input welcome !!
  3. I'm new here. Was diagnosed by biopsy 2 months ago and despite being Gluten Free for 2 months, I'm still having periodic problems with severe diarrhea. The bouts always seem to occur in the morning, after a normal BM. Breakfasts are simple (gluten-free cereal and some fruit). I'm puzzled and frustrated - any suggestions ?