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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for doing your due diligence and sharing it with "us." I certainly aim to try them in the near future.
  2. Their "Contact Us" page leads to a dead link. However, I've been drinking my homebrew made with it and It makes my ears pop, eyes dry, makes me tired, and possibly a bit of gas. Despite not wanting to admit it's gluten, I'm not drinking anymore because it makes me feel not so good... I'm "very" sensitive. So if you know you're not too sensitive feel free to try, but... buyer beware.
  3. A heads up! http://www.missionmenus.com/about/faq/are-mission-products-gluten-free Mission® corn products are produced with 100% corn masa flour; wheat ingredients are not added to the formulation. These products include corn tortillas, corn tortilla chips, taco shells, and tostadas. These products are produced in plants that also process wheat tortillas.
  4. Very aware of what it means to be gluten free but not willing/interested in getting certified by Gluten Intolerance Group or similar organization. I will email them, but i'm really looking for some real world experience rather than a legal safeguard of an answer like we all get from the Whole Foods deli people, "while we take careful precautions we can not guarantee... " I'll email the company, but in the meantime if anyone has brewed with it and had/ not had a reaction, please share. Thanks!
  5. What are people's experiences? I understand it is gluten free, but it seems to be made in the same commercial facility that is used to make gluten containing malts and extracts. I'd find it hard to believe that a facility that malts wheat and barley would be able to make a gluten free product safe for someone with celiac...?
  6. I tried Shakparo when it appeared at my local liquor store and had an adverse reaction twice. I consider myself to be highly sensitive celiac positive. I emailed the brewery to inquire weather or not they brew their gluten free beers on the same equipment as their regular beers. the following is their response: "Yes it is, all of our products are made in the same brew kettle. After each use they are sterilized." Buyer beware! While all the ingredients are gluten free (not gluten removed) I have found this beer to cause severe reactions.
  7. I'm looking to find bars with Gluten Free Beers in Denver... If you know any, list the bars name and what beer they have. I've had bad luck with some of the gluten removed beers and New Planet. I wish more bars had Greens or New Grist. The only place I've found is Udi's (about to change it's name because they sold the gluten-free bread to a bigger corporation). They Carry Greens
  8. My most annoying and debilitating symptom is brain fog. It is a combination of slow brain function, forgetfulness, laziness, light sensitivity, antisocial, anxiety, paranoia. It goes away within 3 days of staying gluten free. I have been able to identify an accidental "glutening" every time it has returned in the 2.5 months since I was diagnosed with Celiac. My question: The slightest gluten cross-contamination triggers this- and it always lasts 72 hours... Will I ever become less sensitive? Frustrated!!!!! because I cant seem to string more than 4-5 days without a slight accidental "glutening."
  9. I'm finding a change in my armpit odor... Is this normal? Much stronger! Thanks for the help. Maybe my sense of smell is elevating
  10. I'm glad my post has sparked a conversation. My excitement over this video was not to promote the SCD diet. I was simply motivated by the idea that recovering Celiac patients might need to remove more than just gluten for a while. I have found that I have an extreme reaction now to certain foods (Not Just Gluten.) It seems most heavily associated with broken down sugars. The worst was from onions in a soup that cooked (caramelized) in my crock pot for 8+ hours. But also chocolate and some gluten-free cereals with sugar as an ingredient. I don't need to follow the diet the video is "selling," but as I listen to my body I'm finding foods i'm sensitive to (hopefully temporarily). I plan to remove the foods I find offensive as I heal. This video helped excite me to listen to my body more carefully. The part on removing sugar certainly sparked an epiphany when I realized it wasn't the onion I was reacting to, but the sugar in the onion. Most importantly for me is the fact that my 95% of my brain fog is gone! SOOOOOOO DEBILITATING!!!!!! My advice to any recovering celiac patients is to listen to your own unique body. Oh, and by the way I'm a "he."
  11. I'm recently diagnosed via biopsy. Being off gluten isn't enough for me. I'm trying to reverse decades, maybe a lifetime of damage. If gluten free isn't having the impact you want, maybe this guy will motivate you to seek more solutions! http://scdlifestyle.tv/why-gluten-free-diets-dont-work/
  12. I went to a local Sushi restaurant that may be the best Sushi in all of North America. Anyway, three servers, a manager, and a bartender assured me that Asahi Super Dry was in fact gluten free and safe for celiacs. This morning I woke up with terrible brain fog! I went to the ASAHI website and in their description they tout the quality of their barley! "The malted barley we use for SUPER DRY is selected strictly in compliance with more than a hundred criteria we have set for this ingredient..." http://www.asahibeer.com/brands/beer/superdry/secrets/ I'm new to Celiac, I even used my iphone to search the beer. I was getting different answers online so I trusted the waitstaff, manager, and bartender. One waitstaff even told me she had Celiac a "would know." I hope this forum gets to the top of Google search for "Asahi Gluten Free," so others don't make the same mistake. I know many Celiacs consider this a safe beer... nevertheless, IT IS NOT GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!!!
  13. I have "Brain Fog" as well. It is the symptom that got me going down the road to self diagnosis. It is debilitating. It influences my ability to interact with new people, it couples with anxiety, and makes me depressed because I just want to feel "normal."
  14. Ranitidine

    I'll keep an eye on it. Something in my morning routine seems to be giving me slight symptoms.
  15. I recently got my biopsy results back (positive). In trying to remove all gluten from my home I researched my acid reflux medication. My Ranitidine (issued by Kaiser Permenente in Denver) is a generic tablet made by TEVA. TEVA and Kaiser have told me that none of the ingredients have gluten but the machines they use process other pills that may contain gluten. They assured me that the machines were cleaned between batches of medications. My pharmacist has consulted with a nutritionist who does not think it is a concern. My fear is that it is a concern but that Kaiser is trying to save themselves money buy only issuing generic drugs from companies they have contracts with. If anyone has any medical evidence to contradict this advice, please let me know. Thanks!