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  1. I have been having horrible pain under my ribcage for about four years. I have gone to my pcp doctor to complain again and again, and have also seen two different GI doctors, all of whom suggested that I had IBS but had no explanation or relief for the pain. Finally I saw a Liver and Digestive Disease Specialist who agreed with me that I do not have IBS, but quite possibly this is caused by a reaction to gluten. I have been gluten free for nearly 10 days (with one relapse) and the pain is subsiding. In the meantime I had a HIDA scan and lots of bloodwork, for which I am still awaiting results. I have been doing lots of searches on the Internet and over and over again I read anecdotal stories of people with this exact same pain but nowhere have I read an explanation of what is internally, biologically causing the physical pain. Can anyone offer any explanation? Thanks! Susan