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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. I would have to look for the blood results since they are almost two years old. The rash is extremely itchy, it burns, and stings-I fees better when I itch it but st the same time it hurts and feels like someone is taking sharp objects to my skin and after i itch it it hurts just the same as before I started. It is red and slightly raised. I have not seen blisters or fluid but my body becomes extremely itchy and the next day or a little while later I have a rash and I have already stared bleeding since I'm itching it so much. I do have purple scars-which I thought was weird-dr gave me retionsl ..she said it will help with the scarring. I notice after I eat gluten I become itchy and develop more bumps or a rash. What are some things iodine are in...whatnisbthe relationship between the two?
  2. Hi, I am new here and I was wondering if anyone has some advice or suggestions. For over a year now I have been having stomach issues..I had blood work done for celiac but I was on a Paleo diet which consisted of not eating carbs and the test came back negative. This past June I developed a horrible rash on my leg which I was told was chigger bites..they started off so small but itched to no end I ended up with scabs and now have scars! The rash started on one leg then went to the other. It went away and it came back in full force. Once again it started on my leg went to the other leg then my arm and elbows then the next day it was in the same spots on my other elbow. My legs and arms are scabbed And scarred to no end- it's embarrassing. Went to a dermatologist and I got a skin biopsy and came back inconclusive. This dr gave me clobestal which help relive the itch but didn't do much. To make a long story short I left that dr And went to another dr because the rash is now on my upper legs..this dermatologist suggested celiac and did a biopsy. The results came back with eczema and now she wants me to get a patch test from an allergist. I do get stomach pains and have a bad stomach after I eat gluten. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do, do I have a say I the patch test on what it should test or what should I ask? Does this sound like dh to any of you? Thanks for giving me the chance to vent and ask questions! Looking forward to your responses!