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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yeah it is great to know for sure and to not have to go through the endoscopy again!!!! He had his vitamin levels checked late last year and they were ok. I'm seeing a dietician next week though and just make sure we are giving him enough of everything.
  2. Thank you. I'm feeling really positive about it all. Can't wait for him to start growing now!!!!
  3. UPDATE The gastro called this morning and it has been confirmed Bailey does have coeliac disease. I am so relieved to finally have an answer. He has been gluten free since Friday and we are noticing small changes already. He needs to have follow up blood tests in 6 months the again at 12 months then every 1-2 years after that. As long as there are positive changes with blood results and diet he won't have to undergo another endoscopy.
  4. So glad to hear you were able to get an earlier appointment. Good luck for Friday
  5. We had the endoscopy done on Thursday and the dr said he couldn't see any villi. We get the pathology results early this week. I have taken him off gluten though and he just seems so much happier already. He is eating more and despite not having a day sleep for the past two days, he has been quite bearable. I will update with his results when we get them.
  6. We have an appointment for the endoscopy. He sees the GI on the 2nd May and then in for the endoscopy on the 9th. I saw a different GP on Tuesday as his rash is now peeling (he got the rash when going back on gluten). She believes the rash is from the gluten and that we should get the biopsy done. I feel happier after speaking with her. Now just wait for a couple of weeks
  7. What happened with your little ones diagnosis???
  8. One pro for doing the biopsy is he is already back on gluten so I don't have to put him through it ever again. We are getting his gene test done (pathology stuffed up and did the complete wrong gene test!!!!) - they have his blood sample there still so they can do it without is having to have another blood test.
  9. Thank you My GP has signed off on the paperwork for us to join the coeliac society and was the one who was more than happy to have the diagnosis as coeliac without the biopsy. I forgot to mention - my dad has coeliac (diagnosed about 17 years ago). Mushroom, i feel as though I am jumping through a lot of hoops and I do wonder how much of this is necessary!!!! Putting him under a general isn't my favourite option so trying to figure how if it is a good idea to wait or not.
  10. I'm in Australia and I think the test is a little different. The paed has referred us to the paed gastro - our GP can't do the referral, must be a paed. I def have concerns about what I'm doing to him right now. I am so torn as to what is the best thing to do I just phoned the paed gastro and they are still waiting on the referral from our paed.
  11. I'm new here and thought I'd say hi! I'm in a very confused state at the moment. My 2 year old son had the bloods done about a month ago and his gliadin iga was 5 (negative) but his ttg iga/igg was >300 (very positive!!). My GP was happy to diagnose coeliac on that but my paed wants the biopsy done. The gastro is trying to fit us in before the 9th may. Did anyone get diagnosed without the biopsy? Did anyone have the biopsy and it not be coelaic but something else?
  12. Hi all. About a month ago we had our 2 year old son allergy tested through NAET testing and he showed a reaction to gluten. We went to our GP and she sent is for a blood test. His results are as follows: Gliadin IgA 5 (0-20) Ttg Iga/Igg >300 (0-25) Based on that, my GP was happy to confirm he had coeliac's disease and not bother with the biopsy. The paediatrician called a week later and said he needs a biopsy done to confirm it. We had taken him off gluten for approx 5 days and had to put him back on it until we get the biopsy. The first three nights after putting him back on gluten saw him screaming all night in pain. He also broke out is a rash. The paed dismissed these and said they aren't related. i disagree. We phoned the paed gastro on Monday and first available appointment is end of June!!! The receptionist said to pencil in the procedure for the 9th May and they will try and squeeze us in before then for the consult. I honestly don't know if we should even bother with the biopsy. The only thing is what if it is something else? Not sure what that could be but I don't know! My daughter tested negative to the disease but positive to the gene. I am going to have the blood test today for serology and gene testing. Would you go ahead with the biopsy? Thanks!