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  1. My husband invited twenty guests for dinner cooked by five visitors from another country. The young people started preparing the food at four, and I immediately got my ingredients separated to later cook myself. They fried the shrimp, cabbage and bell peppers in flour batter, and set the food on the tables. I didn’t get to start cooking my version of the food until 7:30 after everyone else was seated and some had finished eating. A family arrived late, with a child allergic to shrimp, so he couldn't eat the food on the table. My husband tried to take away my cooking gluten-free cakes to give to the child. I protected my gluten-free supper with my arms while we shouted at each other. He finally got it into his head that my cakes had shrimp in them, or he would have taken my supper away from me. (He didn’t offer to cook the child a shrimp-free dinner with the excess two quarts of batter and gallon of chopped cabbage.) Four frying pans were coated black with fried batter residue. So I wouldn’t throw them out, my husband scoured them with great resentment. He will have to use his power tools in the garage to get all the black off.