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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Insomnia & Severe Night Sweats - Please Help!

    BERNESES- I am sorry that your day was as bad as mine! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I can't have vinegar either. Even vinegars that are made from corn or rice don't agree with me because vinegar is so acidic. Thanks for all your replies, they were helpful. I don't know why I reacted to the Tylenol and/or Advil, but I don't think I want to take them anymore. Also... I added something new to my diet yesterday that I totally forgot about, I had two full tablespoons of sesame seeds!! I'm thinking I may have a sesame intolerance. It didn't feel quite like a gluten reaction, but it wasn't fun.
  2. Last night I had the worst case of insomnia and night sweats ever. I've gone through other posts about this and people say that they have this when they've either been glutened or they are older women going through menopause. I can't imagine that there's any gluten left in my diet. The only remote possibility is my baby corn casserole - which is made with rice flour and corn. None of my other foods are packaged or processed items. I took 3 Tylenol yesterday. Does that have gluten?? What about Advil? All my Celiac symptoms are worse during my period. I am more naucious, have less energy, all my symptoms are multiplied about 5x. Does this happen to anyone else? I have severe menstrual cramps and intestinal pain. I get extremely hot and start sweating. If it's cold at night, then I feel alternating hot flashes with cold chills. I also feel like something is crawling around under my skin, and I am not tired enough to fall asleep. I thought hot flashes were associated with menopause, but I am 24 and I get them (or something like hot flashes) during my period. I fell asleep at 8 am this morning and I had to miss school because I feel like crud!!!!!!! I AM SO ANGRY at my body!!!!!!! Is my insomnia and sweating from gluten, hormones, or what? Any ideas? What does anyone do for insomnia and night sweats? I am very worried about this. I can't miss many days at school. It's so frustrating to sit in your bed and watch the sun come up, knowing that your day is only going to get harder from there. My day was already ruined before it started. I slept from 8:00 to 12:30 and now I don't have the energy to do anything at all... except type or stare at the wall.
  3. How Do You Nurse Your Gut Back To Health

    When I've been glutened, one thing that helps me a lot is a jar of baby food, usually peas or carrots. Also, a strong cup of hot peppermint tea helps with bloating, gas and constipation. Hot liquids usually make me have to visit the restroom. I put the heating pad on my stomach for cramps and it helps tremendously.
  4. Fiber

    Hi Brenda, I'm not an expert, but I have a couple ideas that may help. First of all, are you eating dairy? I would recommend going off dairy until your intestines heal. Milk, cheese, etc. can give you allergic reactions to other things, and you will have a harder time digesting things like fiber. The exact same thing happened to me, I could not eat fiber at all! What I did was add fiber gradually. I started with just baby food - veggies w/ no fiber. A month or so later I began to take fresh veggies and puree them into liquid form in the blender. (Doesn't taste good, but it's healthy.) Some time after that I added prunes and figs. Last week I was able to start taking psyllium, which I mix with grapefruit juice. Each month I add something new and I start out with tiny amounts. I still can't have beans, lentils or brown rice, and I do better with the baby corn than whole corn pureed. I have only been gluten free for a few months so I'm sure it takes longer than that to build up your digestive forces. I think you just have to take it slow. Don't give up, just be patient and keep trying new things in small amounts. That's what's working for me.
  5. Before You Were Gf...

    Then: Before going gluten-free, my symptoms were pretty bad. I felt like crud every minute of every day for the past 6+ years. It got progressively worse until my stomach just about shut down and wouldn't process anything. The first really bad reactions I got were in 1999 due to chocolate muffins from Costco! I'd get an almost instant reaction from those. Other gluten foods would cause periodic pounding heart palpitations in my sleep (which would wake me up and freak me out), bloating, gas, a racing heart with weakness and bizarre muscle sensations, trouble breathing, the feeling that I have a 25 lb. bag of dry dirt in my stomach, nausea, insomnia, tunnel vision and distorted depth perception, mental confusion, emotional upset, depression, stomach spasms, muscle twitches, intestinal pain, and having so much abdominal pressure that it physically hurt to talk! I would get the worst trembling/shaking, I looked like a Parkinson's victim (this was due to vitamin/mineral deficiencies). Now: I still feel emotionally disturbed after meals sometimes, usually when I eat something with a lot of sugar or extra carbs. I get joint pain, an irritated feeling in my stomach and I feel like crying. Sometimes I'm walking and I feel like I'm going to lose my balance. Depth perception and funny vision is one of my most annoying current symptoms. Sometimes I see little pink dots, I get eyelid twitches, or my whole vision seems distorted. This has gotten much better on the gluten-free diet (but I've only been gluten-free for a few months). Elwood- I just got a vitamin/mineral supplement that I love! It's by Freeda Vitamins and it's gluten-free. I bought the one with Iron called "Quintabs-M." You can check it out at their website www.freedavitamins.com. This is the first vitamin I've ever tried that didn't make me sick. To post your picture, click on My Controls. It's towards the top of this page next to where it says Log Out. On the control page there's a list of options on the left hand side. It says something like "add avatar" and that's where you upload your picture file.
  6. Who's In Their 20's?

    Thanks to everyone who replied! I feel better just knowing I'm not alone in this. I will probably check out the board at night for the most part, when I'm done with homework and need to be entertained. I hate TV, I would much rather be learning something or chatting with someone. I get bad reactions to potatoes and rice. My stomach hurts for 5 days after eating them. I've gone through a trial and error process, figuring out which foods in addition to gluten make me sick. I am thankful that I have a couple safe complex carbs, like yams and corn. My doctor has advised that I stick to the diet I'm on for about a year (until next March) and maybe then I can re-consider adding potatoes or rice. My body is badly damaged and I'm best suited to soft, easy to digest foods, like steamed fish and baby food. I'm hoping to graduate from baby food to pureed "real" vegetables with the cellulose coverings. Fresh corn and peas have a lot more nutrients than jars that have been on the shelf for 3 months, not to mention they taste a lot better! I have to increase my fiber gradually because things just sit in my stomach and ferment when they aren't being digested. I would love to meet up with you guys, but I live near San Diego and I'm having a pretty hard time with going out (for the time being). I've been hospitalized this year and been on bed rest. My first step back into the real world is my college courses 3 days a week. Doing that one activity 3 days a week is just about all I can handle for now. *sigh* Hopefully I will get stronger again. The .gif in my avatar picture is supposed to be transparent and have "moving" sparklies. I don't know what happened there, but at least I got the file uploaded.
  7. Who's In Their 20's?

    Hello! I just signed up for this forum. I'm 24, and I'm from California. I've had Celiac disease I'd estimate for at least 10 years, maybe longer. I just got my correct diagnosis a few months ago and I've been sick all those years. I would like to meet other Celiac people online for support and friendship. The list of things I can't eat is pretty long: No gluten, dairy, white potatoes, tomatoes, rice, apples, vinegar, peppers, coffee, and all vegetables have to be pureed into tiny liquified bits. That pretty much leaves meat, fish, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, honey, and corn... and my lovely gruel from the blender, made with mixed green veggies and a half of banana. All my food has to be made fresh, which takes a lot of time, and I have to carry it around with me when I go out, which makes me look like a geek! I am curious to find out how other people my age live with this disease. My friends constantly eat junk food and eat out and go to coffee shops and bars and drink. All alcohol makes me sick, and there's not a single carbohydrate restaurants serve that I can eat. I don't like to draw attention to myself in a group. Once people find out about Celiac disease, they make a really big deal about it and say things like "I could never live on a diet like that, hahaha" or "You poor thing, how tragic" and stuff like that. It just makes me angry/sad and I feel like I should try to keep it a secret when possible. People can be mean when they insist that I choose to be picky about my food and that I just have a picky personality. I have been extremely weak since about January. I have been mostly gluten and dairy free since March, but I continued to eat oats up until last week. Big mistake, I found out! I've spent most of this year on bed rest. I'm not getting stronger fast enough for my taste, and I'm really frustrated about that. I just got some gluten free vitamins, so I'm praying that will help. I'm sure that this forum is full of good advice, and I look forward to meeting some new people...