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  1. This sounds somewhat similar to my case. I'm a active 42 year old male and since my teen years I had chronic fatigue, sore throat, swollen glands in my neck that would come and go (more coming than going in the last 10 years). I have been to no less than 8 ENT's and even had my neck glands biopsied (once at 21 and once at 31), both times they both came back as normal reactive glands, but there was a mystery to what they were reacting to? Every time I went to one of my many family docs, they said it was just allergic rhinitis and prescribed a steroid and a antihistamine (the steroid used to work a little, but the antihistamines never worked). I have been to rheumatologists, oncologists, infectious disease docs, had numerous cat-scans, mri's, you name it and I had it! Most doctors would prescribe antibiotics, allergy meds and some even wanted to put me on antidepressants and anxiety meds! Last year I asked my doctor about an allergy to wheat because I like my micro-brews; he said there is a blood test for a disease called celiacs, but I didn't need it because I wasn't having any stomach issues....Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I went to the family doctor with major upset stomach, back pain, rib cage pain and gas issues (along with my "normal" tennis ball-sized neck glands), and he said I probably needed my gallbladder out?? Before I went to that appointment I did a little research on celiacs and demanded a blood test for it and sure enough it came back positive! I'm almost positive that celiacs was my problem the whole time. I'm in my first week of being gluten-free and I'm not feeling better yet, but my issues have been going on so long, I guess I will have to give it some time to see improvements. I'm so frustrated, but I'm happy to finally have a diagnosis I'm looking forward to feeling healthy again....
  2. I'm a 42 year old living in Allentown who just got diagnosed last week. This was years after being pricked and pried by every specialist in the LV. I'm relieved to finally have a diagnosis, but yet frustrated! I don't know where to begin, ugh, but I'm happy I found this website (great info, but I'm overwhelmed ....Anyway, I spoke with Kathleen Heist (very nice person) from the LV support group and she told me they are meeting on April 24th and they have a guest speaker (Dr. Harmad). The meeting is at: 2166 S. 12th Street in Allentown at 7:00.