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  1. Hi I can't believe they don't make an everything free rice chex Healthy valley makes one, but it has corn which is a no/no for Zach Is anyone aware of an everything free rice chex and how are quinoa flakes...any reactions...tastse? Thanks so much, kim
  2. Thanks for your feedback I'm going to hold off on gluten for just a couple days to see if his mood/circles improve Thanks again Kim
  3. Hi everyone My ds, Zachary will be 4 in October.... He was diagnosed with reflux and put on meds at 2 weeks for refusing to eat Things were OK from that point on until he was 6 mnths old and i stopped b/f...they only got worse when he was 1 yr and we started solids After seeing NUMEROUS Dr (with no help), allergy testing was negative... I kept a food diary and when he was 2yrs noticed he seemed extra fussy/gassy etc after eating gluten...he has always had problems with b/m as far as constipation I tried a gluten-free diet (he was already dairy/soy free) and he did GREAT...he responded with tons more energy, much much less cranky and starting gaining weight and height (he was never FTT but was small for his age, but gained steadily) I spoke to his GI who ran b/w for celiac which came back neg...he was never scoped As we got away from grains all together he started eating more and more fruit and I noticed he had issues with grapes, raisins, banana and didn't do well with fruit juices.... I did some further research and felt he may also have fructose issues.... I decided to try and strict low fructose or fructose free diet but add back some gluten (since I had so few options for him) Zach now has dark circles and pale complexion....his mood isn't terrible, but he is a little short I've also noticed his concentration has gone out the window and I'm having to tell him to CALM DOWN allllll day.... I'm angry, frustrated, confused and sad If I need to take him off gluten again...how can he possible be gluten and fructose free...is anyone dealing with this diagnoses, and I have no idea what the poor boy will/can eat Looking for any guidance etc Thanks, Kim zach and ava's mom
  4. Hi I had the same problem with my dd...we would call her angel by day and TERROR by night....sad but true Haveyou ever considered reflux....treating her with some reflux meds just at night (even a little OTC mylanta or MoM...might help with the tummy issues gas) i would also avoid all gassy foods...cabbage, beans and peas (peas are related to soy and if she can't tolerate soy, peas may be too much for her) Sorry for what you are going through GOOD LUCK Kim
  5. Hi My 4yr old ds is on a very restricted diet He's not been tested for celiacs, but based on family history and growth/behavior...I tried a gluten free diet with him and he has responded very well The GI did preliminary b/w and it was neg. I am looking for a safe, everything free laxative...does anyone have any suggestions? has anyone had experience wtih Konsyl Not sure about psyllium husks as far as gluten? Thanks so much! KIM Zach AND Ava's mom
  6. Hi If so, do you have any recipes or websites? My ds def. reacts to gluten (NO DOUBT) His b/w came back neg for celiac and I haven't pursued further testing/endo... He also seems to react to banana, grapes, raisins... I am thinking he may do well also on a low fructose diet...since making some minor changes he has shown some great improvement Of course the issue with baking has become even more difficult...I picked up stevia as a sweetner, but could use any recipes/links anyone may have Thanks, Kim
  7. Thanks everyone!!! I'm hoping one of the recipes will work out Kim
  8. Hi I've tried several pancake recipes I found on the net and can't get it right...my ds wouldn't have them Also tried buckwheat...no dice Anyone have a solid gluten-free (and hopefully everything else free) pancake recipe to share? Thanks so much, Kim
  9. Thanks so much...I am open to any suggestion I live in Norther NJ Good luck on your end, Kim
  10. Hi everyone I haven't posted on this board in some time, but come here often to read the posts, get recipes etc My ds, zachary, will be 4 on Halloween, and was diagnosed with reflux 2 weeks after birth At 6 mnth I switched from b/f to alimentum and it was a HUGE mistake...once we strarted solids things only got worse Zach was dairy/soy free but out of desperation and after keeping a food journal, I decided to try him on a gluten-free diet and within a few days responded with less tantrums, more energy etc...I was thrilled 2 weeks later, I don't know what happened, but he completely went downhill I then realized he might be reacting to corn and eliminated that as well....more problems until I read about fructose intolerance and tried him on an a everything free, low fructose diet Zach has been to several allergists and has never tested + to anything...we have been to 7-8 GI's and he has had b/w for celiac's etc and all has been neg...GI's pretty much blew me off Zach is small for his age, but thankfully he is gaining...he is roughly 31 pounds For the past few days he is eating basic white rice products, chicken and some pears...I don't know what direction to turn? If I try gluten, even oats...he reacts...dairy/soy...he reacts? If he has banana...grapes...more reactions Is anyone in the same boat? Is it possible to have a gluten and fructose intolerance.... I am very anxious and stressed out that I have been trying to figure this out for almost 4 yrs Any advice GREATLY appreciated! Hope all is well with everyone else Kim
  11. Hi I am just wondering for those that use probiotics, what are u using and how has it helped DS has been HORRIBLY constipated lately...I picked up Udo's choice probiotic and i swear it is making things worse.... I don't know what else to do for him? Any insight...thanks Kim
  12. Hi Just my .02 but considering your dd's response to a gluten-free diet....that would be all I needed I wouldn't put her through testing or even see a GI....i don't think there is anything he can do My ds had undiagnosed GI issues his whole life and it is just my experience, but we have been to 7-8 GI's....I know it isn't that they don't care but all they had to offer was an endo, upper Gi etc They don't have the magic crytal ball I was hoping for.... Hope all that made sense...good luck! Kim
  13. Hi My ds is 3yrs old and also has reflux and some food intolerances/allergies How long has your dd been on prevacid? It can take as long as 2-3 weeks to see major improvements....have u seen any improvements at all since starting prevacid i think the most important thing to do, is avoid ALL trigger foods My ds was on a high dose of prevacid but it didn"t even matter if he ate something that didn't agree with him good luck, Kim
  14. Hi Just looking for recs For now the kids eat crispy brown rice cereal and envirokidz koala krisp.... That's all i've been able to dig up Kim
  15. Hi I'm aware this brand is gluten-free, but does anyone know if the white rice bread is also soy/dairy/corn free? I've checked over the ing. but just want to double check I am not missing anything Thanks so much, Kim PS. I'm looking for a good dairy, gluten, soy, corn free bread that i could pick up at WF