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  1. I too find TJ labeling confusing. I have found many products that are gluten free based on the ingredients and doesn't mention being produced in a facility that processes wheat but doesn't have the gluten free logo on it. I asked and the employee was less then helpful - explaining to me that it wasn't gluten free even if there weren't gluten ingredients listed but couldn't explain why. She then went on to say that not all of their distributors use the logo. I emailed TJ's and they told me that if it looks gluten-free based on ingredients but doesn't have the gluten-free logo then it means the product was made in a facility that processes wheat or shares equipment. The lack of consistency is confusing. I too don't have the typical symptoms so I don't necessarily know when I've made a mistake either. I was diagnosed around the same time as you were. I hoped 6 months later it would have gotten easier but it hasn't. I sometimes suspect I've made a mistake but don't know what I did wrong which them leads me to believe I simply have a headache or some other symptom. Super frustrating. Thanks for the info!