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  1. I saw the doc today and he refused to give me the prescription for the bloodwork, i'm really pissed off. I'm just gonna go gluten free for 1-2 months and see how things are going.
  2. Well actually i have a vitamin D defiency but i think that's because i don't go out often (the sun bring us vitamin D if i'm right). By the way i already got tested for hypothyroidism and everything is ok. I'm gonna see my doc tomorrow and i hope he'll prescribe me a blood test for celiac disease. And honestly i wish they find out i'm celiac, thus it would be the answer to all my symptoms. However thank you so much for your reply, i'll keep you updated
  3. Hello all, I've been strugling with extreme anxiety since 1 year now and tried 3 different antidepressants and none of them worked for me. I am convinced that my condition is related to a celiac disease but i don't have low iron nor anemia so i was wondering, is it possible to have a celiac disease but no defiency in iron and other vitamins ? My doc said i'm not celiac but he didn't even prescribe me the right bloodwork, just the vitamins like iron. vitamin D, hemoglobin etc... I'm sorry if my english is bad but i'm a french frog eater =)