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  1. Does anyone use sweet white rice flour in baked goods? What are the advantages of it, does it improve the texture?
  2. How much psyllium husk needs to be used per cup of flour? And does the liquid amount need to be adjusted? If someone has a recipe that uses psyllium husk would you please share it? Thanks!
  3. Would you please share your cinnamon roll recipe? That's one thing I really want to be able to make! Thanks.
  4. Is there any way to make yeast dough stretchy and elastic like wheat dough to roll out and shape things like cinnamon rolls and tea rings? Or is that not possible with gluten free dough? I've not had very good luck being able to make dough I can work with that still comes out soft and yummy after baking! It's frustrating to me, I'd like any advice anyone has.
  5. Can someone tell me the difference in how each common gluten free flour works for different baked goods? And is there a difference between stabilized brown rice flour and super fine rice flour? Which flour or blend of flours tastes most like wheat flour? I would like any info anyone has on gluten free flours!
  6. does stabilized flour make any difference in the finished product, especially in bread?