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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Just wondering if anyone recognises these symptoms after being gluttened when on a gluten-free diet. I do get more symptoms but just want to focus on a few to see if they are typical of gluten etc. Thanks for any help in understanding this in advance. OK i had three weeks off and then ate a mcdonalds burger which is very bad I know but I am still kinda not 100% convinced that it is gluten hence the experimentation. OK these are the symptoms after Gluten that not had for a few weeks. A very sharp stabbing pain in the lower right of the stomach a few inches below the belly button, only lasts a matter of seconds and comes in waves, as soon as i take ibroprufen it dissapears as fast as it came, there is usually a second and sometimes a third wave and then it seems to go completely. It is a very nasty pain that makes me yelp like someone is turning jagged glass inside your stomach or a shabbing sensation, like a say it last literally seconds at a time. The next thing is a really foggy head, feels like in a dream state and been drinking and have a hangover and feel dehydrated. And finally I get really bad wind, and my farts smell like rotten eggs, really disgusting smell that can clear a room like the fart bombs they used to sell at joke shops. Does this sound familiar and has anyone else had this or do people think it could be something else. I also have other symptoms but wanted to focus on these as they are the main things, also dandruff constant and headaches, tiredness etc. Thanks Mark
  2. Hi again, Not been on here for a few weeks as testing the diet, there is a definate pattern here. I have been on gluten free now for 4 weeks and think I have finally stumbled on the problem, I actually think it is an intolerance to Barley and not wheat etc. Is this actually possible can you actually have an intolerance to barley and not wheat and other gluten. The reason I think this is I have now accidentally eaten foods twice that have only contained barley and not wheat. I have some gluten free cornflakes and today I had cornflakes, it is all i had eaten and within a few hours I had fullness in ears, blocked nose tingling around head and pressure around face, now I thought how can this be as the cornflakes are gluten free. Then I realised I had eaten Kelloggs cornflakes by mistake, look at the label and there is only Barley in there. When I had a blood test it said that there was not a problem with wheat but would the test also cover barley etc. Thanks for all the help to date and i hope that my experience can help others with similar problems.
  3. Thanks again for the reply, struggling to understand this all. I know I was glutened yesterday and got reactions about an hour after, however the symptoms around my head which can be described as tingling and solidness behind the nose and a feeling that someone is clasping your face with their hands, it is not painful but very annoying and it makes you feel like their is trapped pressure in the face, it is such an uncomfortable and annoying feeling and so frustrating and hard to cope with, like a mild kind of torture. So this feeling then dies down and the following night it comes back with avengance and possible worse than the initial reaction, why would that happen the following night or is this the toxins leaving the system again, as I was very careful not to eat gluten again after this episode. very confusing. Thanks Mark
  4. Well feel muggy headed today and very emotional, a bit of a coincidence as I ate gluten by mistake yesterday, it is starting to look like Gluten has been the problem all these years. i read this: Symptoms of gluten ataxia can range from progressive balance difficulties and unsteadiness on your feet to problems swallowing. You might have double vision, or even issues controlling your bladder. Your symptoms might come on slowly or might appear suddenly, but probably won't include gastrointestinal symptoms that could indicate celiac disease.
  5. Thanks for the reply, sorry to here that you have this as well. Did you ever get any effects on your mind, brain and like a solid feeling behind the nose. feelings of being off balance and clumsiness as described in my new post below, it seems that this problem effects my mind and sinuses more than my digestion etc which I find odd. All the best Mark
  6. I have now been on the diet for 3 weeks and have been feeling much better in myself, I think I have made a good progress. I have been very careful to read labels etc - however today i got some symptoms but everything i eat labels were OK but I knew something was wrong, so i went online and found that a chicken tikka sandwich meat from aldi had no wheat gluten on the label but it was listed on the manufacturers website which i found strange. OK, is there anyone on the forums who is effected in a mental way by Gluten? When i had gluten through the Tikka, I had all the brain symptoms I get like the head siezures, like someone has filled my head with something or strange electric zaps and a solid feeling behind nose and even a feeling of being off balance etc. This all happens really strong a few hours after eating this gluten, in this my imagination as I find it hard to believe that gluten can have such an instant impact in the head and brain, I mean i only had slight wind as well and no stomach issues. Is it possible to have a problem with gluten that effects the mind more than anything else or could there be something else as well. Many thanks in advance
  7. Hi Jo, Thanks for the reply. Yes i have read up on b12 and i am taking it at the moment as I felt that the symptoms were similar. Strangely i did have a celiac test before at doctors and it came back negative. TBH i have giving up on doctors as they have never helped me and have taken things into my own hands. I have definately seem an improvement since going gluten free about three weeks now though, clear head when it was foggy, increased speed of thought and feeling lighter and more positive so there is a change in me. I also used to get very emotional all the time, and this seems to be under control more. I did read that when you have a gluten intolerance it stops you digesting vitamins and nutrients and this could explain vitamin B12. I am not sure if this is in my mind but my hair seems softer and skin not as dry and flaky whether that could happen in 3 weeks and is related i have no idea. Anyway thanks for the support.
  8. Thanks again, I will stay off oats as well. Yikes I think I may also have a problem with yeast extract, when I eat certain things without gluten I seem to have a slight reaction but not as bad as the gluten and the only ingredient it could be is yeast, come to think of it maybe yeast as that is in bread anyway, something else to think about I guess. All the best Mark
  9. Hi Ginfin DC, thanks for all the advice. I have been on the diet for over two weeks now, and srangely enough I have started to feel alot better in myself. My head is alot clearer and I feel more postive and able to focus, So maybe this is gluten after all. However a couple of things have confused me and maybe someone has the answer. The first thing is that I am still craving sugar and struggling to bring this under control. It is not unusually for me to eat a family pack of 4 chocolate bars in one day. When i used to drink lager, I would come home from the pub and eat a bowl of icecream and a packet of biscuits. The second thing is I ate a bowl of gluten free oats this morning and have not had oats before and about an hour after eating them i got he old symptoms back block ears, tingling around face blocked nose feeling of tightness inside the head, it's a really frustrating feeling not painfull but that drives you mad as it is so unpleasant, hard to describe. Anyway thanks for any help in advance.
  10. Thanks for that and the link, I have looked this up and this certainly could be what is happening. However i have now been gluten free for about 10 days and cannot think why this would suddenly come and be worse than i have had previously, added to that i had done alot of heavy work which had made me very tired etc which is the only differant thing to my normal routine. Does this happen when you have gone off gluten, the only other thing i can think is that I may have been glutened and that the reaction was worse because been off gluten, i mean glutened without knowing. All very confusing. Thanks again
  11. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply to this post. I wonder if anyone has any experience of this. I have mentioned before that I get these electrical type zaps in my head. There is another way to describe it, it is like a seizure in the head, it is like you are temporarily going over the edge or your mind is kind of flipping over and it lasts only seconds but is very disturbing, like you are losing control of yourself or your mind, really hard to put into words. I did some outside decorating on the house yesterday lifting heavy ladders and I got this sensation big time like worse than ever which makes me wonder if this is related to the spine or something like that. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this after heavy workload or in tiredness. I am so confused by all this. Many thanks again.
  12. I think I have noticed an improvement over the last week since going on a gluten free diet, however this morning I had really bad head sensations, like head filling up with that builders expanding foam, block ears and nose, and the only thing I have eaten all day is a cadbury crunchie and a dairy milk chocolate bar. This has confused me as the label on crunchie only listed milk as a warning for allergies, I am wondering if there is something in a crunchie other than gluten that I am intolerant or if this is wrong and cadbury crunchie does contain gluten. Anyone have a reaction to this chocolate snack or know if this is a problem for people with gluten intolerance. Thanks for any help.
  13. Thanks for the support, do you recognise the hangover feeling and i get like a tingling in the face and head and migraine like headaches? thanks and all the best
  14. When I wake up in the morning i never wake up feeling refreshed it is like being hit by a truck, really hard to get up every morning and always with the hangover feelings. I am on gluten free diet for only second day but my symptoms seem worse today very bloked ears and feel very tearful. Does anyone recognise these as withdrawl symptoms, is it normal to feel bad or worse for a period. Thanks for the help. I also forgot to mention there is alot of tension in my body and i have these really dark periods where I feel like there is no hope etc.
  15. Thanks will look into this, yes as a kid I used to bring up big lumps of undigested fat, I know sound gross, but this did stop as I got older but still have the other symptoms, it is all very confusing.