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  1. Just curious, as mayonaisse is gluten free why are you making it?
  2. coconut flour and ground flax seed work great! xanthan gum is a laxative and can be easily left out of most recipes. I do use one egg in my recipe, maybe you could find egg substitutes?
  3. I'm sorry you still have symptoms, but it can take years for the intestines to recover from a lifetime of celiac. Also, you can be sensitive to other grains as well and as other people have answered, other ingredients. The processed gluten-free foods can be especially harmful as they contain an array of fillers and substitutes. Xanathan gum, for one is frequently used as a binder and is a known laxative! This alone could be your problem. You need to read labels carefully and become a detective. Start your day with fruits, eggs, vegetables. Start juicing as veggies are very high in anti-inflammatories. Look up anti-inflammatory diet and that should help. It is not easy and it's not fun, but after awhile you learn to eat to live and it becomes more important to feel good than to eat. Blah... but true