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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for the advice. I am reassuring him about feeling worse. I will post more after we see the neurologist tomorrow. That is so true what you said in your #3 statement.
  2. Ok, I went and found his recent lab results from a few weeks ago. His HDL and LDL are high normal. HDL-58, range was 40-60. LDL was 115, range was 0-130. And looking back he had abnormally high LDL from last fall (133) . His B-12 from 6 mths ago was 633, range 211-911. And most importantly his Anti Gliadin IgA from 2 weeks ago was 33.8, range of over 19 being a moderate to strong positive on the test sheet. But did not show any other testing positive from that panel. Going to the neurologist tomorrow. Hopefully we can get him to listen to us!
  3. Thank you very much for your advice. We see the neurologist on Friday 4/19. We are going to hope he is helpful. I am going to contact the gastro doctor that is attached to our hospital/medical group and see if I can get him seen without our primary doctor actually referring us directly. I reassured my husband that he should not feel better just yet. I just hope I can get an endoscopy ordered by someone. I just really feel we are onto something with celiac/gluten problems. He has had a whole gamut of various symptoms over the last few years and nothing really explains it. We have looked into many disorders/diseases which he may still be tested for to rule them out (MS, Thyroid, etc) Which are possibilities, but don't really answer everything. The neurological symptoms are now very unsettling for an otherwise healthy physically active father that is a business executive. One thing I have realized is that there are many people that do not feel well with no answers, and that this is a very confusing area of medicine to figure out. Thank goodness for resources such as this website/forum and people who are willing to give others information and advice.
  4. My husband has been having neurological and muscular symptoms along with some other odd random symptoms such as mouth sores for at least the past year. The peripheral neuropathy and muscular weakness has gotten worse recently. He has a history of anxiety and has just not felt generally well for the last few years. We are constantly doing our own research because everything we bring up to our family dr. he tells my husband it is anxiety. We recently forced him to give my husband the celiac sprue panel. He tested positive for only the anti gliadin IgA. Our doctor did not care and said he does not have any problems in this area. That it was not enough of a "positive test". He did refer us to a neurologist, since that is the most concerning symptoms my husband has at the moment. He is only 40 and this is really affective our lives. Our children are afraid that something is really wrong with their father. I have been reading the other forum comments to figure something out. But I decided I would try writing my one post to see if anyone can give us any help with his results. We also started doing the gluten free diet about 10 days ago. My husband has had even more problems the last few days. Is this normal and how long does it actually take to start to feel better. Again he has neurological/muscular symptoms not gastro in nature. I have heard that gastro symptoms clear up fast. Worried wife.....