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  1. Hello everyone...I haven't been on in a very long time and I am not sure how to post a new thread. I was pretty frustrated when I first posted because I was so certain that my peanut butter was contaminated with gluten. Long story short I have discovered that my trouble..(besides gluten of course) is with processing all fats. The reactions are different but with many non animal fats it is the same as with gluten....very painful diarrhea. I discovered this after helping my mom recover from a heart attack last January. I was at her house for a month and ate low fat and discovered my symptoms disappearing. (not the symptoms for gluten unfortunately!!) Since then I have done some searches and have found others with gluten problems having trouble with digesting fats Also, I worked a cubscout camp and met a guy whose aunt is gluten intolerant and cannot process any fats. He said she could eat lean meats like ground turkey. So...I am posting in case others have this issue and have had any success with it. I will say that chia seed helps me digest more fat even though I know there is some omega 3 fat in it. I am guessing it is just a good prebiotic in general for me...Haven't really had a ton of luck with probiotics but I do seem to get some improvement with Culturelle. Just thought I'd post my discoveries and llok for others with the same issues. I have never been tested for Celiac but am horribly gluten intolerant. I would never be able to go back on it to be tested..not that it is that important. I simply cannot eat it unfortunately no matter what any test says.
  2. Thanks, Julie. I am really careful about the cross contamination thing in our house. It's probably something else other than the PB. For several years I have been using chia seeds as a prebiotic and it has always prevented me from being as sensitive if I got contaminated. I had to switch to flax seeds recently and they just don't work quite as well. And I have added inulin which says it is gluten free. I know the flax seeds are not a problem. I recently used them on an outing to the Mustard Seed and they really helped me to be able to eat without a terrible reaction. Maybe it has something to do with the inulin itself. I will try just peanut butter for breakfast tomorrow and leave off the supplements and see what happens. Frustrated! Oh well...I am sure I will figure it out.
  3. Thanks....maybe it is something else about my morning routine. I just recently started eating a couple of scoops of peanut butter for my breakfast but I have also changed up my supplements a little...so maybe it is something to do with that rather than the peanut butter. I really do think it is gluten from somewhere. I use peanut oil and other oils with no problem. The only other times I have had this reaction with my gut have been sometimes with either yeast extract or autolyzed yeast extract. Maybe it has something to do with the change in my prebiotics that I am using rather than the peanut butter. Thanks for the input..I'll keep experimenting and see if I can figure it out. It can be frustrating sometimes trying to figure out what's wrong...I won't totally rule out something else, but I really think it is gluten from somewhere. Thanks to all who posted.
  4. I've tried one natural and two that aren't. It is definitely a gluten reaction....I typically get painful diarrhea within 20 minutes or so and then it is over. so I know I am definitely getting gluten. I just don't have that kind of problem with any other food. I'll try the Skippy and see what happens. This isn't new for me so I know when it is gluten unfortunately. I was using a prebiotic before that helped tone down reactions to contaminations. I could eat in restaurants fairly well. i'm not using the prebiotic anymore (long story) and that makes things a little more difficult. but I've been off for 4 years now and nothing gives me that reaction except gluten. thanks for the responses though. I appreciate it.
  5. I am thinking maybe I am getting some cross contamination from wherever they are processed. I seem to be really, really sensitive. No problems with legumes...they seem to be really good for me actually. Thanks for the response though...
  6. I am pretty sure I am getting gluten from my peanut butter. I've tried 3 different brand so far...one is bad and the other two are a little better. can anyone tell me if they have had any luck with peanut butter not being contaminated and what brand?