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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Help, Please

    Hey Mushroom, yeah the topic was indeed split, sicne the original post was last update 3 years ago. but people there seem to share 100% of my symptoms. the damn CRAVING is my biggest downfall. I am not hungry and yet all i want is sugar and carbs. it's crazy. i fight and fight with myself and lose everytime to sweets. I'll go take out money from ATM just to go to vending machine and buy a King Size Snickers and this is coming from a guy that eats home made soup and buckwheat as 80% of the diet on normal days. I doubt this gluten reaction because if something is BAD for you, why would the body keep craving it. original post this way: yumummymy is the poster http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/57102-tiredfuzzy-swollenbloated-but-no-stomach-distress/
  2. Help, Please

    One other "distinguishing" symptom is i get these tiny tiny bumps (sores ?!) on the inside of my bottom part of mouth not on lip, but from lip down. they come and go at times and only stay for a few hours, but i can't even see them in mirror they are so small, yet i feel them very much with my tongue. they are not 100% present for the time all the fatigue lasts, but they ONLY show up when i have this. i'll do the gluten free, no doubt. However, what i was saying is that the member that had 100% of my symptoms also went gluten free and yet says his/her symptoms come out from time to time
  3. Hello. I know this discussion is over 3 years old, but I JUST found it and really need some help. I am a VERY active 30 year old. About 5 years ago I've started having these "episodes" of ridiculous fatigue, puffy face (under eyes), muscle cramps, distended stomach, gas and constipation. This coincided with me finding out I had HSV2 and I was blaming everything on that virus. I've now been on medication since forever and these fatigue episodes have continued. they come and go as they please, sometimes days, sometimes weeks and a few times as long as a month. If I try to push myself and workout while being derailed, I get acid reflex. I've been told it's depression, it's all in my head, i am overworked, over workedout.... but i know it to not be true. because after being ill for a week, i'll wake up one day and all will be normal and i'll be able to play soccer for 2 hours again - no problem. i've noticed that i get this when i stress or when i drink beer (even just A beer, i almost never drink) or eat some carbs or some sweet stuff. I've looked into cadida and been taking good probiotics to no avail. I eat really healthy, no fast food, no carbs. but if i do eat something "off" or drink a beer.... ohhh here it comes, it's like i get hit by a truck and off i go, my brains fogs up and i lose any motivation for anything. it appears that the posters here have similar problems, yet going gluten free hasn't really helped them. so what is the solution then ? it's been 7 years....