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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. "I don't know whether or not you have an intolerance or allergy to bananas, but the inability to eat them is often related to a latex allergy. Have you noticed any kind of reaction from latex gloves or any other latex products? Avocados are also in the same family of foods related to latex." No I am not allergic to latex and honestly I never remember having any reaction to bananas until this week being gluten free and im not sure I would even call it an allergic reaction anyway I didnt get a rash or anything like that just a severe stomach ache with cramping. I m fairly certain it was the bananas because it happened like 3 different days all a few hours after eating a banana. I have not eaten one since and still no stomach ache. I may give them another shot in a few weeks but for now im staying away
  2. Thanks guys I guess I must have misunderstood what I had read. by what I read it seemed that all grains have gluten and can cause issues (including rice which is my new go to food) and that soy is so very bad for you and you shouldnt eat that. Just about all the "gluten free" foods contain soy so that seems a little overwhelming in general. I am not really bothered by the not having lactose thing it was more the whole list of "cant eats" seems never ending and the food allowed is so minimal. I feel like I may wither away to nothing lol. so I may not need to go lactose free to begin with? I pretty much just cut it out just in case. how do I find out and know if I can tolerate it now or not? I thought I read somewhere that if you have non of those little hairs in your intestine that you shouldnt be able to tolerate lactose? I honestly didnt even realize how much the gluten has been affecting me until i stoped eating it. Its only been a week and I can already tell I have been dealing with so much for so long it was just "normal" for me to feel crappy. I have been diagnosed celiac like 6 years ago but refused to follow the diet until recently (mostly because I was a kid and it just made life to difficult at the time) I do not have insurance so I cant afford any extra testing so I am just doing everything based on reading and what my body is telling me works and doesnt. Like bananas for some crazy reason I cant eat them and they dont contain gluten
  3. Ok so I have recently decided to go gluten and lactose free. I do have Celiac disease but have not actually followed the diet until recently. I am only going on about a week. I have removed all foods containing gluten and lactose from my home... or so I thought. I was just reading online about the SCD diet and Paleo diet. From my understanding not even most of the foods sold as "gluten free" are actually safe. SO WHAT DO I EAT? just when I was starting to think maybe I can handle the new food lifestyle I find more things I shouldnt eat. ugh why must it be so hard and confusing? What does everyone else eat? do you eat the exact same things every week? I am only 22 so a lifetime of only veggies, meat, and water does not appeal to me. especially because i dont like all veggies. please help! thanks
  4. Hi everyone my name is Brittani I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 5 or 6 years ago I was like 16 at the time. Idecided that I didnt seem to have any symptoms or issues (more like iv had them so long I didnt really realize i had them) so I didnt really need to follow a gluten free diet. Well for the last year I have been having reacurring ear infections so I would go to the walk in clinic and get an antibiotic, finally the Dr. said I needed to go see a specialist so I did. The specialist couldnt find any ear infection or problems with my ears in general. He did however find signs of allergys so we discussed them and I told him I had been diagnosed with Celiac but didnt follow the diet. So he told me I really needed to start following it because its probably the root to all my issues... So I finally gathered togeather all my determination and threw out all foods in my house containing gluten and dairy (my husband is not thrilled but very supportive). I have been gluten and lactose free for a little over 24 hours and to be honest I feel worse! My stomach is gurgeling, I have diarrhea, and a headache. Is this normal for the beginning and how long does it usually take to get felling better?