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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. FINALLY got my blood test script faxed to lab today, the GI only ordered: Anti-Endomysial IgA Anti-tissue Transglucamase IgA Is this going to give any accurate view of what is going on? I'm also scheduled for a trans-vaginal ultrasound on May 10th to further look into the bloating/abdominal pain.
  2. Ugh this is getting so frustrating! My stomach isn't in as much pain the last two days but I am SO bloated. Only in my stomach. Literally up 10 pounds from when I had my colonoscopy last Wednesday. There is no way I eat enough to gain 10 pounds. I primarily eat fruits and vegetables, and one regular meal....occasionally a dessert or a splurge.
  3. Do I need to fast for these blood tests? My GI mailed me the forms for blood test (hopefully it is for all of those you listed). If I get it today I'd like to go after work, but if I need to fast I will need to wait until tomorrow.
  4. How do I get one of the doctors to do it? I feel like they keep telling me the other one has to do it. Will the allergy testing assist at all ? (in your experience)
  5. New to the forum, hoping some of you may have advise or similar experiences? Well I am 28 years old,for at least the last year and a half I have been suffering from diarrhea about 3x a week. I've only narrowed it down to 3 specifics brands/products that I absolutely will get D from. Otherwise it is completely random. I never really told doctors about this (or anyone for that matter). Four months ago I started to get an increasingly present "weird feeling" in my abdomen. Not pain, but a weird "something-is-not-right feeling". About five weeks ago that turned into severe abdominal pain and bloating. The pain is usually a pressure, fullness feeling as if someone is holding on to my intestines. Sometimes it is crampy and occasionally severe stabbing. The pain has made me leave work crying, crawl into bed in the fetal position until it passes. The bloating has been so bad at times that I can't get any of my pants to fit other than sweatpants. Now, in 2011 I was on a diet program called Ideal Protein and lost 57 lbs in 5.5 months. I felt great while on the diet. In the past year, I have gained 40 of that back. During this past Christmas season, I was about 15 lbs less than I am now, and I gained most of those 15 lbs beginning in January. I thought maybe I was pregnant because it seemed to ALL be in my stomach area. All tests negative. I eat pretty healthy about 75% of the time. A typical day for me: Breakfast - a NutriBullet smoothie consisting of spinach, fresh fruit and sometimes chia seeds. Snack - greek yogurt Lunch - Salad with chicken Dinner - sometimes a subway sub, chicken, occasionally pasta or soup I do drink, not daily or anything. I consume a lot of water, about 1-2 iced coffees (black with 1 Sweet N Low) per day, and 1-2 diet cokes per week. Obviously there are times I eat and drink more. I rarely excercise (and yes, I know I should). Now for the symptoms: First of all, I am 5'1" and now 270 pounds. No matter how hard I try I don't lose weight and lately have been gaining. --12 years ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. --I have also been diagnnosed with Asthma (altho it only seems to be an issue in the cold weather or when I have an upper respiratory infection) --In 2008 I was working out with a trainer at the gym 4x a week for 2 months and only lost 2 lbs. I baffled the trainers and so my doctor took me for testing and I was Vitamin D deficient (level was 13). --2 years ago I had this CRAZY itchiness in my scalp. For at least 10 years I get these little bumps in my scalp that I would anxiously pick at (usually producing a clear liquid or blood). When the itchiness happened I went to the doctor who gave me Predniose for 10 days, which would take the edge off. I now see a dermatologist who has told me I have dermatitis (something or other). I do a scalp oil treatment once a week and also use dandruff shampoos each day. --In December 2011-January 2012 I was constantly covered in hives. Each day in a different spot. Saw a rheumotologist who diagnosed me with chronic hives. He put me on Doxepein which made me gain 25 lbs in 3 months, I then weaned off and stopped taking. Occasionally I still get hives but nothing like those months. (and when I do get them, they will cover my entire stomach or leg) -In March 2013 I had my regular blood work done, all fine (thyroid too), except Vitamin D was at 31 and they put me back on the 50,000 IU's per week. Current medications: Celexa (for fibromyaliga) Zanaflex (muscle relaxer) each night Birth control Vitamin D Green Coffee Bean extract Multivitamin SO back to current time, Primary Care Doctor (PCD) had me do a stool sample and sent me for a colonoscopy. Stool sample tests all came back negative. She advised me not to make any diet changes until we "have this figured out". Colonoscopy was last Wednesday. Doctor said everything was normal but he took a biopsy just in case. I should have those results in a few days. Now, I called my PCD and asked them to send me for the Celiac blood test. They told me I needed to ask the GI. I called the GI, they told me to ask PCD. SOMEONE send me for a blood test- its not that hard!!! I felt GREAT the day of my colonoscopy. That evening I ate chicken parm (my fav meal). Next day - oatmeal, graham cracker bar, salad .....got stomach pains and Diarrhea back at 4pm and was down for about 3 hours. This among all of my reading makes me think it could be Celiac. At this point I feel like I am just making myself sick by continuing the "normal" diet that contains gluten in order to eventually get the blood test and have it be accurate. My parents advised I start gluten free and tell the doctors that, and I can eat it again if needed for test. I feel like the doctors are giving me the run-around. I am frustrated and sick of feeling sick and missing work and activities. SO should I begin gluten free for now? Monday I plan to call my Rheumotologists office (also an Allergy office) and ask to get food allergy testing. My diet will not affect the food allergy testing, correct? Any advice/thoughts?