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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Oh, I imagine that after phantom gluten sources zap her enough times she will discover it somehow.
  2. I wuz tinking 'bout saying sumting 'bout eggs being gluten-free, but I chickened out. Maybe somebody will egg me on. Eggs work for me.
  3. The Episcopal (Anglican) Church will accept a gluten-free host as valid. The Roman Catholic Church does not, requiring there to be wheat present.
  4. Sometimes it is almost unbearable. Beware of "I heard," "I saw," or "I read." To me, they are worth as much as "I imagined." Bear
  5. I do too. I seldom post, but read every day. Registering let me have the board remember what I had read and what I had not. And even before I registered, I was reading and reading here. Anyone can see what you post.
  6. Rye does not hide, nor do oats. It is theoretically possible to conceal barley in "flavors" but nobody does that because it is malted barley--an expensive ingredient that they will boast about, not hide.
  7. From the linked site: That does not sound like a definitive conclusion. Like many new peer-reviewed studies, it indicates that more studies should be done to see if the result is consistent across multiple studies. Just my thought, FWIW.
  8. Another day, another barrel.
  9. You think Big Pharma wants to cure disease? Think again. There may be a few altruistic doctors out there, but Big Pharma isn't going to fund their research. The goal is to produce a drug that the patient becomes dependent upon for life. And that is exactly what this drug is about. People will come to depend on it, and Big Pharma milks the cash cow. Maybe you should get new glasses. The rose-color tint in the lenses might be affecting your thinking.
  10. Coffee is good. Like it black. No Starbucks here.
  11. Still hanging around.
  12. Drifting along Highway 37 in Northern British Columbia.
  13. Darn, I can't find anything gluten-free in this trash can. :(