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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Has any one tried the Helgas gluten-free bread? I saw it while I was in Adelaide but haven't seen it in Brisbane yet. Admittedly I have only looked once. I tried the Genius bread a while back and found it very dry and broke apart when I buttered it after toasting. I wasn't a fan. I have gone back to the Golden Hearth bread for now. Still tastes like eating a sponge though. I have been avoiding buying Coles gluten-free products as I have noticed they are pushing out competitors. Other brands now have a tiny section at my supermarket and there is a sea of coles brand. From what I have tried, the pasta was terrible and fell apart , and the puff pastry didn't puff and left a pool of oil on top (same as what some one else mentioned). I have taken to making my own pastry. Maggie Beer has a nice and easy recipe for gluten-free pastry (just google gluten free pastry Maggie Beer). It crisps up nicely.
  2. Hi group, Been MIA for a bit. Welcome to the new people. Hello to every one else. Can I ask what multi vitamin you all use. I recently found out Swisse has discontinued their gluten free womens multi. Pretty disappointed! The chemist tried to tell me the normal multi is gluten-free but reading the ingredients it contains gluten from muesli.
  3. I agree Saz, there is not enough pre-made foods. If I have had a really long day at work, I'm tired and just want some thing easy to have for dinner. Not have to prepare a big meal. From what I have read, a lot of people are encouraging the increase to the level of gluten found in food to be labled gluten free. IF (big underline on the word "if") the change will not be harmful to coeliacs, then I am for it. The change will bring us up to the same standard of the UK and other countries. It will reduce the cost of production and gluten testing, plus make more foods available. I am starting to get frustrated on the availabilty of foods for coeliacs. I keep buying the same things in my shop and getting sick of the same food over and over. I know I am still new to being coeliac, so I'm open to others opinions.
  4. What did you think of the expo Saz? I spent way to much money there. Some of the food was great, some was terrible. I wish they had more savoury food for sample. I left on a sugar high. I was a bit disappointed some food wasn't for sale. I understand they want you to buy from the shops to keep up the demand though. Still happy I went though.
  5. Seems unbelievable my mascara or foundation will have gluten in it! If it does, maybe it is just the super sensitive that react to it. I'm not in the habit of eating my mascara personally Thanks Saz. I'll give dominos a try next time I get take away. Any recommendations about joining the coeliac society? Is it worth it or not? Also looking forward to the gluten free food expo this weekend!
  6. Thanks Saz for the tip! I haven't tried eating out at a restaurant/take away yet. I've been making all of my meals at home. Has any one tried eating the gluten-free pizzas from dominos, eagle boys, pizza capers etc? I looked at the menu for eagle boys and they labled one pizza topping as gluten free. It was made with BBQ sauce so not sure I trust it. I had to give away the BBQ sauce I had in my cupboard as it contained gluten. Possible silly question...I have seen in a few places people talking about gluten-free makeup. Does Australian makeup contain gluten really? I chuck my makeup boxes so I can't check at home. Also I understand replacing or buying second items for your kitchen that can't be fully rid of gluten, like your toaster. Should I replace my chopping boards as well? (They are plastic and get cleaned in a dishwasher) It is a bit hard when I have a non-coeliac house mate who is still eating crusty breads - not my favourite person in the world when they come home with a fresh loaf from the bakery!
  7. Thanks Mushroom and Saz! Cheers for the list of restaurants they will definitely come in handy. I am still waiting for my appointment with a dietician and a few follow up tests (bone density etc) for the specialist. Did you find it easy to adjust to the new diet?
  8. Hello! I am from Brisbane and newly diagnosed coeliac. I am in the process of coming to terms with how much this is going to change my life and trying to find out as much I can about the disease. I hope to use this forum for info and guideance as I have found a lack of Australian coeliac forums. Looking forward to talking to you all. Apologies if I ask stupid questions for a bit.