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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have done low carb for a long time and I read that most low carbers use pork rinds crushed so I tried it and it wasn't bad you couldn't eventell as long as you season it.
  2. My garden was a fail this year because of pest. They ate everything including my grape vine I have tried everything. I will do tomato sauce, soups, beans, and meat. My hubby is going hunting this season so I will be canning whatever he brings home. I was looking forward to making more jam but next season. I am going to be canning pumpkin also and that is about it. I have yet to experiment beyond that. What are you canning?
  3. Thank you so much for responding. I will get my 5 year old son tested, I was under the impression that he would have both like my oldest so it would be good to find out. I called my son's doctor and made an appointment for the testing. nvsmom, my husband was gluten free for 3 months before this test so the GI specialist is keeping a close eye on him because of his numbers. He wants to see my husband in 3 months to see if his numbers come down more. He is feeling excellent now that he is gluten free.
  4. I have posted on here several times and you all have been so kind and patient with me. I just received my son's Prometheus test results and would like some clarification. This is my son's test results: DGP IgG 0.4 EU/ml - <4.9 EU/ml DGP IgA 1.7 EU/ml - <6.1 EU/ml TTG IgA 0.6 U/ml - <10.3 U/ml EMA IgA NEGATIVE - NEGATIVE TOTAL IgA 209 mg/dl 41-395 mg/dl CELIAC RISK HAPLOTYPE DETECTED: DQ2.2 (HLA DQA1*0201:DQB1*0202) AND DQ8 (HLA DQA1*03:DQB1*0302) CATEGORY # DQ GENOTYPE INCREASED RISK RELATIVE RISK 6 DQ2/DQ8 14X VERY HIGH My son has been gluten-free for 5 months before this test was done so the Dr said that she would expect the serological markers to be negative. This was my husband's results to the same test: Deamidated Gliadin Peptide Antibody, IgG (DGP IgG) 9.2 EU/ml + <4.9 EU/ml Deamidated Gliadin Peptide Antibody, IgA (DGP IgA) 15.0 EU/ml + <6.1 EU/ml Anti-Human Tissue Transglutaminase IgA (TTG IgA) 2.3 U/ml - <10.3 U/ml Anti-Endomysial IgA IFA (EMA IgA) Negative Negative Total Serum IgA By Nephelometry (TOTAL IgA) 308 mg/dl <3 Yrs: 8-220 mg/dl 3-13 Yrs: 41-395 mg/dl >13 Yrs to adult: 44-441 mg/dl Celiac Risk Haplotype: DQ8(HLADQA1*03:DQB1*0302)AND OTHER NON-RISK ALLELES. Category # DQ Genotype Increased Risk Over General Population Relative Risk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 DQ8 HETEROZYGOUS 2X MODERATE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sorry so long but from what I understand is that I carry DQ2 and that is why my son has both? Do I need to be tested and also my 5 year old son? We have no GI problems when we eat gluten but we are completely gluten-free in the house and I do not cheat because I have noticed improvements other than GI clear up on gluten-free diet but I notice that if my youngest son eats gluten at school (cupcakes when it's someone's birthday) he gets a rash on his butt cheeks and under his testicles, could this be related? Thank you!!!! <3 <3 <3
  5. When I first started canning I used this website because I could not find the Ball blue book. I hope someone finds this useful for guidelines it is basic but also includes everything to get you started. http://nchfp.uga.edu/publications/publications_usda.html
  6. Thank you, my husband and son are very sensitive so I will not be able to bring gluten into the house at all. I have be exclusively gluten free but in the back of my mind had the idea that I could go with a friend or family while kids are in school or husband is at work to have some yummy sushi! Haha, but every time I think about my migraines coming back I have second thoughts. I am getting use to gluten free living and it is not that hard when you are doing it with your loved ones.
  7. I have been on here since my eight year old son was hospitalized and we believe that he has celiac disease. My husband was diagnosed in June so we are assuming my son has it also since he has improved with gluten-free diet. Well the specialist ran a Prometheus Celiac plus on my son since he was gluten free and we refuse to put him back on gluten and she said today that the results came back that he has DQ2 and DQ8 genes putting him a high risk for celiac. My question is when my husband was diagnosed he tested positive for DQ8 only So Does That Mean I Have DQ2???? I have no symptoms but have noticed improvements since going gluten-free also such as BM regularity, Pilaris Keratosis and Dandruff have cleared up, and no more migraines or sinus infections. Should I be tested??
  8. My husband was recently diagnosed and has been gluten free since march of this year. He has always had a problem with milk, beef, turkey, and pork but since going gluten free he no longer gets sick with this food except the turkey. At first he thought it was the ground turkey we were eating so I changed to beef but I made roasted turkey breast and he still got sick. He gets severe gas and diarrhea. The brand is Jennie-O and from what I checked it is gluten-free but I could be wrong. Does anyone else has this problem???
  9. My husband had the genetics test also and he had 3 copies of DQ 8 which put him at 2x moderate risk for celiac but he also tested positive on two serological tests. I am not really sure if they are all the same but here is the reference that was on his test results. I believe that the first number is the number of copies of the gene. I hope this helps a bit 8 DQ2 Homozygous 31X EXTREMELY HIGH 7 DQ2/ot her high risk gene 16X VERY HIGH 6 DQ2/DQ8 14X VERY HIGH 5 DQ8 Homozygous 10X HIGH 4 DQ2 heterozygous 10X HIGH 3 DQ8 heterozygous 2X MODERATE 2 DQ2/other low risk gene <1X LOW 1 DQ2 -, DQ8- <0.1X EXTREMELY LOW
  10. I had read on this sure somewhere that people with celiacs should take a probiotic is this true and why?
  11. I am having this problem with my 9 year old son. I took him off of gluten after he saw the GI a month before his endo and it came back negative. Now that my husband was diagnosed with celiac the peds GI wants me to put my son back on gluten so she could do the endo again. I explained to them that he was losing too much weight and had chronic pain and diarrhea and I didn't want to put him through that again. My whole family is gluten free (my husband, me, son (9), and son (5) we have all noticed improvements in our health because of it I don't even care to get the confirmed diagnosis. My son's pediatrician said since he has made such an improvement in health that she will write a prescription to the school that he cannot have gluten so we shall see how it goes.
  12. Frieze, That is what I thought but the Dr said that the last test would detect celiac disease if he had it. I didn't know to much about the celiac panel so I just took their word. Since my husband started the process he would take a picture of the ordered blood test so we know what to request. The only part that sucks is that my sons GI wants to dismiss it as IBS. I am requesting a second opinion.
  13. I read on the ingredients of Benefiber it is only wheat gluten (at least the kirkland brand is). You can try that.
  14. Thank you nvsmom you have really helped. I left a message with the specialist's nurse but she said the Dr will be out all week. I can't find the results but in the doctors notes it states that my son's TSH level was mildly elevated but the endo consult said it was not enough to diagnose him with hyperthyroidism and it was probably due to him being so underweight that his thyroid didn't know how to regulate the hormone. Also the dehydration makes since because in Feb my son had chronic diarrhea that was every 5 mins over 50 times a day and cried about abdominal pain so they gave him pain meds. Once he left the hospital he was in diapers again that the Dr had to put him on medical leave from school, so he has been home with me for the rest of the school year. I put him on a gluten free diet to see if that would help with the diarrhea the last week of March and his stomach pain went away, I no longer had to give him the pain meds but he would still get diarrhea but I learned about cross contamination so I eliminated gluten from our house completely out of desperation. Well his bowel movements decreased little by little and he went from 50+ times a day to a maximum of 5 times a day. I am just really frustrated with this whole situation. We have been battling this for over two years now, when I first noticed his weight loss. I was told that it was fault, it was a form of control on his part, and the final "failure to thrive" diagnosis and he will need a psyc eval for anorexia. He is looking so much better now that he has been off gluten for almost 3 months. He seems almost like himself, energetic and actually wants to play instead of sleep. There is one question I have after all this rambling He was always and I mean ALWAYS sick, he would have a fever every month and the urgent care would tell me he had a weak immune system. Since being gluten free he has not got a fever is this a normal symptom? Thank you to everyone who responded to me. I am glad I found this forum where people are so willing to help! <3<3<3