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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Weird Symptoms?

    I'd suggest also looking into fructose malabsorption (intolerance of FODMAPs, which includes lactose) as it can cause the symptoms you have listed above. Good luck!
  2. Hi all, wondering if anyone else experiences fatigue / foggy feeling that comes and goes after you've been contaminated. I generally start symptoms about 24H after ingestion (GI, headache, chills, body aches, fatigue, brain fog) and I usually stay in bed or on the couch sleeping it off. If its minor, I'll often feel okay the next morning, but then I feel crappy around lunch again. Sometimes this happens for days at a time. Can fatigue and symptoms come and go like that? Thanks very much!
  3. Stumbling Over Words When Glutened?

    Yes! I experienced this for years before dx, and get it when CC'd with brain fog. I have trouble recalling words, mix words with each other (ie: routinely get laundry and recycling reversed), and interchange sounds "heckle past a frare" for a "freckle past a hair". The problems with word recall subside as fatigue an brain fog disappears, but the word swapping can last quite a while. I also tend to trail off while talking mid sentence when I'm glutened. This annoys my hubby to all hell. I'm generally very articulate and work in communications, so this is really frustrating!
  4. I fall into the NCGI camp, with negative blood work and normal endoscopes. I have a boatload of autoimmune issues and react to even small amounts of gluten with predictable symptoms. I've read a few studies lately saying gluten intolerance doesn't exist, citing FODMAPS and other food sensitivities as the likely cause. In my personal experience I think that's bunk! I agree with others, if something makes you ill- gluten or otherwise- avoid it! Do look into fodmaps or fructmal though. It is a legit possibly.
  5. Bumps

    Thanks LauraTX - Dyshidrotic eczema
  6. Might it be the glasses, or the sweet kisses? Thanks all!
  7. Our household is gluten free, with the exception of hubby drinking regular beer. I've been gluten-free for about 1.5 years so I'm still sorting out how sensitive I am - and at this point, I think I have reacted to things like CC on deli meat from slicer (actual meat was gluten-free), accidental sip of 'real beer', etc. I think I was recently CC'd by kissing my husband after he drank beer - is that crazy? Also wondering if glasses might be 'contaminated.' Wondering if anyone has experience with this. He's been so supportive giving up wheat / gluten, etc. but he is a beer lover so I don't want to have to tell him that he can't drink beer in the house. Thanks!
  8. Bumps

    Does anyone know how to treat these bumps? Got glutened earlier this week and they've popped up again and are driving me crazy!
  9. Dh Or Pompholyx/dyshidrotic Eczema

    Hey did you ever figure out your rash? I had something similar in the past and have now been off gluten for a little over a year - just got CC'd and I've been reacting lots the past few days and the itchy rash has reappeared.
  10. Interesting, thanks for posting! I fall into the category of NCGI with pretty severe symptoms (headache, D, constipation, terrible fatigue, body aches, chills, etc.) but I also react to FODMAPS - likely fructose malabsorption. I'm still trying to find a doc in Canada (BC) that can do the hydrogen breath test for fructose. The study's suggestions are interesting, and I react to onions, garlic, leek, asparagus, etc. but those are mostly belching, dyspepsia, and D. No fatigue, headache, or any of those other symptoms from fructose or other FODMAPS. I'll try and keep an eye on more news about it!
  11. Agh, thrush. I feel for ya! I was told by like 5 DRs it was yeast infection, or an STI, or a half dozen other things - which were all horribly embarrassing at the time. My family doc even told me to use diaper rash cream, despite the fact that I was getting no sleep from the itching - and even tried sleeping with mittens on! Getting a dx was a huge relief that I wasn't crazy and that there was a legit reason that I didn't cause. I forgot to add, whenever I get contaminated by gluten my LS flares up, so it does seem like there's a link. Good luck!
  12. I was diagnosed with LS almost a decade ago when I was a teenager. Flared up when I was under immense stress in university, and unfortunately went undiagnosed for a year or so before I could find a doc who knew what was up. In that time I had a bit of fusing, and was in a huge amount of pain (vulvodynia). Took a few years to recover from the damage done in that first year, using betaderm ointment 3-4 times a week, but my flares kept coming back until I went gluten-free last year. I still get mild flare ups around my period each month (mainly itching), but since cutting out gluten I think my LS has improved hugely.
  13. Help With Gerd/acid Reflux

    Dyspepsia, major burping and feeling too full & uncomfortable after eating (even small amounts) are some of my major symptoms, which I've had for 12+ years. Going gluten-free and dairy free did help a lot, but other food intolerances cause it too, such as peppers, onions, garlic, and too much sugar - including natural fruit sugars. Of course carbonated beverages, beer and wine make me belch a lot also, but that seems 'more' normal.