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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was diagnosed at the end of March. One week later I noticed an increase in my energy level. I was underweight...93 lbs and dropping. Eight weeks out...I was a different person. I had gained nine pounds and was eating like crazy. To date, I have gained 12 lbs and still need to put on another five. The doctor and dietician say I'm still recovering but I feel 100% better.
  2. I, too, am newly diagnosed (4 weeks ago). I am so glad to read the posts - I feel 'normal.' I have been a little down lately because my entire world is about food these days. Reading your posts help - glad to have found this forum.
  3. I, too, was recenty diagnosed with celiac (as was my son) and am still having a hard time adjusting. It is definitely better now than four weeks ago. . I appreciate all the great information from others who know (we don't have a support group in the area). Thank you!
  4. You are not being emotional because of the hormones. I have been in a funk the last two weeks. My husband and my younger son do not have Celiac. My older son and I do. My kitchen is half gluten-free/non-gluten-free and it is really hard. Hard because I have to make sure there isn't any cross-contamination and hard because I want what they have instead of a 'substitute.' On the flip-side...I feel so much better. I have energy now, dark circles under my eyes are gone, put on a few pounds (had lost a lot of weight). Be careful of gluten in medications and lipgloss/balm/lipstick. Shars has good gluten-free bread and Udi's makes a good frozen pizza...expensive but good. I love pasta, too. Mueller's just put a gluten-free pasta on the market. My son and I love it and have not had any adverse reactions. It is definitely easier now than it was four weeks ago. This is the first time I have been in contact with anyone else (besides my son) who has celiac and it feels good.
  5. Except for being pregnant...I can relate. I was diagnosed last month and the only way to describe my appetite is ravenous. One week after being gluten-free I felt a hunger I never had before. StilI, I cannot seem to eat enough. My dietician suggested I shop the perimeter of the grocery store where you find the fresh food (meats, fruits, vegetables, etc.). I started snacking on hummus (great with carrots and/or gluten-free crackers).