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  1. I grew up eating legumes. We only cleaned them and soaked them overnight. I read on websites that beans need to be soaked for up to 48 hours and that the soaking water needs to be changed frequently. Soak in warm water. The last soaking water needs to have baking soda or vinegar added to it. Checking around you can find out more about this.
  2. I am allergic to gluten. I will not buy any food classified as "gluten-free" I was at our food co-op and looked at some "gluten-free" cracker/snacks. The first ingredient listed was corn starch, so I put it down. I feel very best with no grains at all and with no processed foods at all. If I eat any of the processed foods I can feel it right away. I don't know what is in them, but it doesn't work for me. So for two months now I am doing no processed food and no grains and I'm telling you it has made a new person out of me. That means that everything I eat has to be made by me at home. It is a bit time consuming and complicated at first but a I symptom free.