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  1. Hi, So I have always problems with bloating etc and had bouts of constipation and then everything going straight through me. Over the past 2 years or so when I had blood tests and was always low in iron or folic acid but didn’t really think anything of it and just took tablets to bring my levels back up. Then a couple of months ago I was almost ‘caught short’ going to work and went to doctor as I didn’t want a situation where I couldn’t get to the toilet on time and the urgency I would have was getting worse. The doctor did further blood (low in folic acid again) but my celiac test came back negative but he still referred me to the hospital. Was surprised as thought it would be a case of IBS (it could still be) and thought he would send me away to keep a food diary. So went to the GI consultant and spoke about my symptoms (including sore red patches on my tongue) and although my bloods came back no to celiac he booked me in for and gastro endoscope and biopsy. Again surprised as know friends that have had to fight for this but happy that it would come back clear and I could go on with my life knowing that I just have to be careful about not eating masses about of wheat etc. When they took the biopsy (4 in total) they said my bowel looked really flat and not real folds at all. After when we spoke about what she said though the procedure (including a very sensitive gag reflex!) she said that it was really flat in bowel. She said not to worry as she has seen it like mine that have come back fine and ones that look fine come back as a positive result. Now I am worried, at no point did I think that I would have celiac until now. All I see it as is a massive change in lifestyle that I do not want to make. Part of me thinks that I am over reacting and that what will be will be but another part of me wants to be as ready as possible in case it comes back as a positive result. Guidance and help would be gratefully received.