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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you so much for all the information. I haven't decided what I want to do yet. Jo
  2. Hi nsvmom and thank you for replying. I have had so many syptoms since becoming ill with b12 def last November, it has become really difficult to know what is causing what. The veg sos rolls are quorn based with pastry so I would imagine they aren't gluton free. I know I shouldn't have had it but I am doubting my self diagnosis, with everything else that is going on. I am just sick of feeling ill.
  3. Hi all, me again. I finally got my blood test paper work and the only test done for celiac was Tissur Transglutaminase IgA level. - Negative. So I am no wiser. I have been cutting out gluten for a week or so and the gurgling and discomfort have eased. However, last night I had veg sos roll and quiche, and about 11.30 this morning I began to feel quite ill, sick anf trembly. It has passed now. Could this be a result of gluten? I have had these episodes in the past when I was eating normally but have been putting it down to the B12 def. i don't think I have had an episode while I was off gluten. It is so difficult to know what sypmtoms belong to what as I am also vit D def and have just had to incease my thyroxine. Thanks Jo
  4. Hi, have you been tested for b12 deficiency. It can cause premature greying. Jo
  5. Hi, and thank you for your replies. With having a thyroid problem, b12 def and low vit D it is difficult to know what symptom goes with what! The anxiety and agoraphobia are certainly not so bad as they were and I am managing to get out fot a short walk most days, I even managed a trip to the supermarket yesterday! Although I feel shattered again this morning. I appreciate all your help and encouragement. Jo
  6. Since cutting out some ( not all ) gluten I have started to put on a bit of weight. Just a few pounds in two or three weeks. But as I have lost 4 st over the last year and a half, and still been falling slightly since last November, it seems a big coincidence. When I am well enough to shop I will check out the gluten free products at the supermarket and try to cut out as much as possible. Hope this is an answer for me at last. Jo
  7. Hi, were you tested for vit B deficiency. Those symptoms are very similar. Also check vit D as this is a big problem these days with people staying indoors so much. Just a thought. Jo
  8. Hi, Butchers say their dog and cat food is gluton free, I think you can get it off Amazon. I'm going to have a look for my two. Jo
  9. Thanks Frieze, I appreciate your advice. Jo
  10. Thanks both. Well that's what I can't understand about the doc saying I don't have PA now. He said tablets are no good to me as I won't absorb them, and I know I have to have injections every three months for life. Or that's what I was told initially. Another doctor said that as my level is now high (after loading doses and two top ups) she would be looking at stopping them! That's why I changed docs. My level was only 83 when I was first diagnosed in November and it took two and a half months for the old surgery to tell me that. I am just waiting for my blood paper work to come so I can see what my level is now. Jo
  11. Hi IrishHeart, I am Hypothyroid, and don't absorb b12 as I have parietal cell antibodies. I was originally diagnosed with Pernicious anaemia by the Gastro but this new doc says my blood is ok now! I have muscle wastage, most noticably on my hands but arms and legs too. Jo
  12. Hi, please try not to worry too much. I had something similar recently. I was diagnosed with very low B12 and my doctor said he would refer me to a Gasrto. The letter came two days later with an urgent appointment for the following week. I was terrified especially as cancer was mentioned in the letter. It turned out to be nothing, just an appointment to rule out anything serious. And some years previously I had a phone call from my surgery to say the doctor needed to see me asap over some blood test results. I spent the weekend worrying, only to be told I was anaemic and needed iron tablets. Obviously I was pleased things had been taken seriously and teated quickly. The trouble is I don't think secretaries are allowed to give out information. Your appointment is possibly a precautionary one. But if it is something, then you are getting it dealt with quickly. Jo
  13. Hi all, just saying hello. My doctor says my blood test was negative for Celiac but I am still waiting for the paperwork to see which tests were done. I was low on vit D and my thyroid had dropped too, so that along with the b12 deficiency makes it difficult to know what my symptoms are down to. I am slowly cutting gluten out of my diet. I am feeling slightly better than I have in the past, so maybe my problems have all been due to thyroid and vitamin issues. Jo
  14. Poop (Sorry!)

    Hi, I am not knowledgable at all on Celiac issues, but I would think anyone who lives mostly on fruit veg and rice would have that kind of problem. I think you need more bulk in your diet. Jo
  15. Thank you Chris, the anxiety and spaciness is the worst thing I think. It robs us of everything positive,Courage, confidence and determination. My blood result was negative for Celiac but I think I may try cutting out Gluten anyway. My vit D was low so that I think can contribute to amxiety etc as can low b12 which I also have. I hope things improve for you soon. Fern