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  1. Hey Guys, This is my first post, but I read your forum all the time. It's been really helpful when I have reactions, so thanks everyone for creating this community Ii was wondering if anyone reacts to Alter Eco Chocolates? There are a few threads about their grains (quinoa, particularly) which many of you seem to have trouble with. But their chocolate is one of the few soy-free options available to me, so I get a bar every once in a while. This week I've had 2 bars (my goodness!) starting on Monday, and today I'm reacting pretty badly. I was just wondering if anyone else had problems. Thanks Kim
  2. Weirdly enough, I have almost no memory of posting on this forum lol. I must have been glutenated. I did keep a food journal, which helped me pinpoint 15+ problem foods. I'm glad you guys are on here to help Thanks!
  3. Thanks for sharing, mushroom. I recently went gluten-free having had symptoms for about 2 years that culminated in chronic urticaria/hives. I was doing great for about a month! No hives, came down off of the medications I'd been on, started adding foods back into my diet, etc. About 4 weeks in I started eating Udi's products, and the hives returned. I cut them out, they got better that next day, but the resurged a few days later. I suspect I also have other food allergies, with corn being the likely suspect. On Friday I had cornmeal for breakfast, corn chips + hummus for lunch, and sourdough bread made with cornstarch that night. The next day the hives returned, and on Sunday and Monday I had hives everywhere in large wheals. Yesterday (Monday) I cut out everything and started a oligoantigenic diet (you can eat only Apples/Bananas/Pears, Chicken/Lamb, Rice/Potatoes, and Broccoli and other similar veggies). I'm nervous about the Rice/Potatoes, so I think I'll cut that out as well (at least for just the first couple days). Hopefully, with the change to my diet the hives subside soon enough and I can start working those other foods back in. Do you have any tips on how to identify other food allergens? Any habits that you'd like to recommend?
  4. This was almost exactly my experience (although I was lucky enough to figure things out pretty quickly). This Feb (about 10 weeks ago), the Hives started. By March they were ridiculously bad (see my blog post below for pictures). I was on 45mg Prednisone, 1 Cholchizine, 150mg Hydroxizine, and 6 zyrtec a day, with 300mg of Rantadine as needed, plus 2 probiotics a day to control stomach issues (add that all up, and you get 26 pills a day!!!). All of this, and my hives were simply "under control," but still visable and mildly itchy. Did some research, switched to a gluten-free diet (on my own really, with only the consent of the most recent of my 6 doctors that I'd seen in the 2 years prior for stomic issues and brain fog), and the hives all but disappeared in 2 days. My stomach issues cleared up to! In all, it took me about 7 weeks to figure out that the diet might help, and I've been having great success in the first 3 weeks of my gluten-free lifestyle. I'm still on the Cholchizine, and I take 1 or 2 zyrtecs for flare ups (which I'm pretty sure happen when I'm accidentially glutenated and since I'm so sensitive. When I cook/bake things at home and eat those exclusively, no hives). Anyway, it was a miracle. Glad to see some others have found the diet helpful.
  5. Hey Everyone, First, this forum is great Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge! Second, I just started a gluten-free lifestyle (going on 3 weeks). Here are a list of symptoms that lead me to this change: For the past two years: Diahrrea (managed for 2 years with probiotic treatment. Never fully corrected, but managed). Intense and painful gas. bloating. Brain fog. Poor Performance on Balance Test. Weak fingernails with pits (I was told this reflected poor absorbtion of nutrients). For the past three months: Migranes More noticable brain fog. Chronic Urticaria. Once the Chronic Urticaria (hives) kicked in, and having seen 7 different doctors to no avail (they simply said "IBS" after I tested negative in a blood test and colonoscopy), I self-diagnosed some type of gluten intolerance (I notified my doctor before starting the diet) and began a 100% gluten-free diet. The Hives cleared up in 2 days, and I've taken 1 probiotic in 3 weeks and have had much more normal digestion than I ever had in the past 2 years (I had been taking 2 Probiotic Pearls a day for half a year, and before that 1 a day). I'm still learning which things to avoid (I've accidentally glutenated myself a couple of times...and Udi's products cause most of my symptoms to return), but on the whole my life is much improved on the diet. One thing that I've noticed is that since starting the diet, I've needed a lot more sleep. It's fairly normal for me to sleep nearly 10 hours. One day I stayed home from work and slept almost 20 hours for that day (I was, however, on anti-histamines because the hives had returned thanks to a so-called "gluten-free" option at a local resturaunt). So a few questions: 1) Does anyone have any tips on how to navigate going to the doctor? I've been pretty frustrated by their inability to put two and two together. Not to be offensive towards doctors, but I have seen 6 of them! 2) Has anyone else had this over-sleeping experience? I figure that my body is trying to heal itself and that's causing me to sleep so much. What are your thoughts?
  6. I'd been on birth control (sprintec) before my worst symptoms started. For 2 years I had stomach problems (diarreah, severe bloating and painful gas, malnutrition reflected in my fingernails, foggy mind, etc), and then I broked out in hives. I was diagnosed with chronic urticaria, and this combined with my other symptoms led me to start a gluten-free diet (my doctors are a little slow on the uptake, so I'm hoping they'll catch up eventually...). So, once I started the diet I got dramatically better. I had to start weening of the 150mg of hydroxyzine, 45mg of Prednisone, and Cholcrys that I'd been taking for the hives. When I started this medication, I went off the birth control because I was worried that all of these things combined would cause some major mood problems. My period was pretty stable for that month, but then once I started the Gluten Free diet I did have period issues. I've had bleeding (not like, period type blood, but as if I was actually bleeding) that would come about every 2-3 weeks. I'm not sure if this is from coming off the birth control or the diet change or both, but that's been my experience so far. I've been gluten free for about a month, off the birth control for I guess 7 weeks? I hope that helps!