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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I think my worst time was around 2 years ago when i was waking up everyday with extreme pain and needing the make that toilet trip. That's when i really cut all gluten. I was already doing my whole doctors thing at the time so i knew it was possibly food allergies. The second i went off wheat i felt the pain not as intense in just days. I am still not well. I slip up and make mistakes. The past few days i've been insanely good and noticed my tummy seems more controlled and less 'not feeling right'. I always feel tired. But i think it has to do with lifestyle too. Life is so busy these days with the constant working and constant rush to be 'doing something'. I really crave to be back in the past when everything wasn't so fast paced and so rushed just so i can have the time to heal and feel ok again. I've accepted the fact i'll never feel great. But i want to feel close to great. Like i feel good enough that it seems possible And i have felt that before! There must have been periods where i've been super good and doing it right because it was a few days before i thought to myself... wow i've been feeling pretty good lately Then of course i eat something risky and ruin it all! Stay dedicated (we have no choice!) and have hope
  2. Definitely cut the fibre! I got addicted to brown riceonce ... 2 small serves a day and after a few days i noticed bloating and all related issues and i felt awful! After i realised i was taking too much fibre and stopped i felt much better. I have learnt to cook fresh produce myself and never buy any packaged items not labeled gluten free! When i let things slide i always feel sick. It's such a hard life to be so careful Cross contamination is really bad for me. I get headaches nausea and bloating. Also check vitamins. I took a vitamin recently and assumed no wheat involved although it didn't state no gluten on the bottle. I felt so sick after a few days of taking. I contacted the brand who told me they grew the bacteria stuff on gluten... so yeah read labels like no tomorrow! don't buy anything not labeled gluten free! I just hoarded a bunch of black rice and am now concerned about it too! Oh no
  3. Hi I am wheat allergy and i am the same when i eat wheat. When i wake up i have the bad urge to go straight away to get rid of everything inside and i'm done for the day. I know i am 'poisoned' if this happens to me in the morning. If i stop the wheat.. the morning urge will die down slowly after a few days. If it keeps feeling bad the next morning and the next morning i know i haven't stopped eating wheat. I have changed my cooking pan to be on the safe side. If you suspect it could be something you are eating then stop for a few days and see if the morning pain is fading (i know the pain is never completely gone). For me it's a good indication if i've been poisoned or it's just something else Goodluck!
  4. ooo yes markets sound like a good idea! But as people said i know there are laws and such with selling food for health and safety reasons of course. Business insurance etc. But i think at the markets it is ok. I wish people like us made food and packaged them and sold them. I am too lazy to cook myself and know everyone has such amazing recipes. I have yet to find a egg free gluten free muffin! I am not sure if i should be off egg but think i might feel better off it so i try to avoid. I would be a little reluctant to buy from someone's home based on a flyer but i guess that depends on the area you live in and how close the people are. You can set up a facebook page like a website and show your kitchen and utensils to make it seem a bit more professional and customers will be more assured A girl i work with, her sister started selling frozen homemade dumplings and started doing really well and they set up a small facebook page with customers leaving feedback Go for it! Worse case... you have to eat all the muffins yourself
  5. Cosmetics! Help!

    I've used the MAC pre and prime. I use it on my eyes and it comes in a small little round tube. It's small but lasts forever. I can't remember if it had vit e but it seems safe for me to use. No issues with it.
  6. Vit E most definitely can contain gluten (when sourced from wheat). I am allergic to wheat and recently used a lipstick with Vit E. I was sick for 2 weeks. I had made no other changes to my routine or meals. If you feel sick, avoid it. It is not worth being sick over and don't listen to others who tell you it's safe. Everyone is different and can handle things at a different level. If your food hasn't changed then it must be lipstick. I have to be extra careful because ingesting will cause stomach problems for me. If it's on my skin I will break out in hives and other issues but not have stomach pains bad as if ingested. I can read labels but Vit E is always an issue. A lot of people have contacted the companies to ask and you can find these company replies on the internet Btw don't use Revlon lipsticks
  7. Curry Powder

    I use the Ayam curry powder It is an Asian brand so it would be in the Asian section. It's not labelled gluten free but I read the ingredients and have been eating it for 2 years now Ayam does gluten free products too!
  8. Fixing My Vitamin D Levels

    My Vit D levels were super low a few years back too. I took a pill everyday for 2 weeks and when tested it barely moved up! I was advised to take 2 pills a day and it improved but not much. I have tried liquid vitamins recently as they are easier to absorb Especially for our weaker tummies. I take lots of multivitamins now and then (women's multivitamins) and found i feel so much healthier when im taking them (and not glutened). Give them a go Vit D takes time, just stay focused on it
  9. I think this just means you're very careful. I have dreams where sometimes someone will offer me a donut or i will eat something my mother made for the family like i use to. And once i bite into it, i start screaming at myself, saying this has wheat and i know it so why did i eat it! lol and i would be spitting it out. And it's silly because when i'm awake i know i will definitely not make that kind of mistake in real life. I am very careful and i think it's good we are since it's our health we are risking!
  10. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    When i found out what was making me sick, i never felt any anger. I just straight away told myself, ok this is what i need to do to get better. Don't get angry. You seem very informed about this, so use that to heal yourself. I haven't been doing this very long but i always put myself first and haven't let others affect me. If they're all eating something i can't, i go and make myself something safe and delicious and eat too. My doctor was useless too. I did all my research and continue to all the time so i can keep learning. My family all eat gluten foods and there were some minor arguments when i was trying to adjust such as me putting my own mini oven in the kitchen even though there wasn't the space. Just keep doing what you need to do. People around you will get use to it and accept it eventually and it will be easier.
  11. Managing Nausea From Glutening

    I just had the worst headache and what really helped was taking an allergy med and lying down for a while. I took Telfast which i normally use for hayfever but it did help and i noticed after an hour the headache pain was gone even though it was still there.
  12. Thank you for posting this encouragement I have a wheat allergy and have been struggling with the lingering symptoms now and then. I was diagnosed with wheat allergy around 2.5 years ago by my gastro specialist. When i went back to my GP with the results and told her i think i might try going off wheat to see if i feel improvements she was very discouraging of that saying i should just keep coming back to see her and maybe run more tests. I did not go back to her at all after that because she was a waste of my time and just wanted to make money off me by getting me to show up to useless visits without helping me! Even till this day i can't believe she thought it was ok for me to not cut out wheat even after i was diagnosed allergic! I was on my own so i went off wheat and noticed the intense pain i felt every morning was gone and continued from there. It has been tough learning everything but these forums have been my support. Every time i felt sick i would come here and read other people's struggles and feel i'm not alone and it will get better if i keep trying. Late last year i started going through my skincare and make up. I am wheat allergic and use to get hives all over my body. I later realised it was during the time i used a body lotion with wheat germ oil that i would react. I am still testing a lot of products at the moment and still trying to figure out what is safe for me. At the moment i am still struggling but just recently i had a glimpse of what it feels like to feel OK. It only lasted a few days but i felt like i could do anything if i felt this good the rest of my life. Everything i held back on and was too afraid to do seemed slightly more possible. I hope to feel good and better consistently for a long long time that i don't feel like this is a struggle anymore. It is easier now but i still slip up now and then by accident. I hope everyone keeps posting all their experiences here as it has been so helpful to me and others. Thanks everyone
  13. It does sound like some kind of allergy. Mine slowly built up. I had pain occasionally and then it would become more frequent to the point where i woke up with severe stomach pains every morning. My blood test came negative for Celiac and i had a colonoscopy which only showed mild lactose intolerance. My doctor sent me off to get a food allergy blood test. And it came out that i had an allergy to wheat. I had eaten wheat all my life pretty much everyday. When i finally stopped eating wheat, almost within 1-2 days i stopped waking up with intense pains in the morning. And the longer i was off it, the more i felt better the next day. I still have trouble avoiding it. Sometimes i eat it and i feel fine afterwards but the next day i will feel awful and be sick for up to 2 weeks. I'm still very new to this so i still think avoiding wheat hasn't solved my illness completely but i can function ok now. It's very easy to accidently eat the wrong thing because everything is so processed these days. try your best to avoid it for up to 2 weeks and see how you go. Don't buy anything. Make it all yourself. I was lazy about it at first until i was so tired of feeling sick that i took it seriously. If you notice you are feeling well when you avoid it then that's probably it. If you have a sudden pain attack then it could be you slipped up somewhere. It happens to me too so i'm trying hard as well Goodluck!
  14. Chocolate Milk

    I don't think it is. I buy the brand Almond Breeze and they recently started doing Chocolate almond milk! It's very delicious And it is labelled gluten free and lactose free. I don't buy anything unless it's labelled gluten free now because i'm tired of feeling sick and being clueless as to where i went wrong Try chocolate soy milk too. So Good does one that is also gluten free.