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  1. Dear All I don't know if I have celiac disease, gluten intolerance (is it the same as wheat intolerance?), or just irritable bowel syndrome, but all I know is that I feel worse and worse after eating. I'm at the stage now that I can hardly have a meal without getting at least mild stomach cramps afterwards. That's my worst problem, but I have many of the other symptoms too, which apparently are typical of people with these intolerances, e.g. bloating (this is also a big problem for me - I often have to burp repeatedly after meals), alternating between constipation and diarrhea, having to make stools often, mucus in the stool and skin problems. Regarding the latter, I don't know if I have ecezma or psoarosis but I get itchy skin and I have to moisturise quite a lot. Before I moisturised so much, the problem was worse and sometimes I used to bleed. My problems have been getting worse recently since I have been eating more wheat-based products, especially bread. I have always eaten quite a lot of cereals and pasta anyway. My friend thought that it could be wheat intolerance, but I'm not sure and a bit bamboozled by all the stuff on the web. I have been eating a high-fibre diet for quite a long time because until my friend made his suggestion I thought I had IBS. Wheat intolerance may explain why my health never seems to get better (in fact, if anything, it gets worse) despite this diet. I live in China and I have to say that getting help with these types of issues from doctors is easier said than done. That's why I joined this forum and am posting this message. Thank you for any help in determing if I'm on the right track in my thinking above and your suggestions about self-diagnosis and diet - I'm in pain! Best Womble