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  1. I heard that lactose intolerance is a side-effect of celiac disease. Within a month of going gluten free my lactose intolerance went away. I'm going back on gluten so I can get tested properly, but wondering if anyone is aware of any other conditions that would mimic this? (ie the absence of gluten permits the eating of dairy products). I am trying to figure out the way forward from a negative blood test.
  2. I suspect I have celiac for a number of reasons. I asked my PCP to order a celiac panel for me. The following test results are listed in my health record: REPORT Endomysial Ab IgA: NEGATIVE NEGATIVE REPORT Endomysial Ab Titer: SEE BELOW <1:5 I am confused by the different test names, but is this the full celiac panel? My doctor has advised I have endoscopy/colonoscopy based on my symptoms, but I am wondering if there is another intermediate step (ie a different blood test) to do first? I am reluctant to have an unnecessary procedure done.
  3. I suspect that I have either celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. I'm looking for a doctor with Kaiser in LA who others have had positive experiences with. My doctor at Kaiser on Cadillac thought there was no possibility of my having celiac, despite that my lactose intolerance (among other symptoms) went away completely when I went gluten-free for six weeks. I'm now re-introducing gluten so that I can get tested, but if I'm going to go to the expense and hassle of the endoscopy/colonoscopy I want to make sure it is a doctor who is up on the latest research so I can minimize the possibility of a false negative. Alternatively, has anyone had any success with getting a referral out of kaiser to an out of network doctor that is a celiac specialist?