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  1. I am in love with Kind bars. They're so good, and I can fit two of them in my purse at a time. At this point, I've got a Kind bar stashed in my car, my laptop bag, my purse, and my desk at school. They taste so good, and my students are always begging for a piece!
  2. Thank you so much for your replies!
  3. Hi! I've had digestive troubles all my life - diarrhea three to four times a week, stomach bloating, and within the last six months, daily diarrhea and extreme pain before bowel movements. Two weeks ago, I finally decided enough was enough, and I stopped eating gluten to see if that was the problem. Great news - I feel a lot better, and I'm only having diarrhea every other day or so. Bad news - I just found this forum today, and now I realize that I probably should have stayed on gluten until I could be tested. I called my PCP today, and they can see me in three days for testing. Would it help to go back on gluten right away for the three days, or should I just see what happens at the blood test, and if it doesn't work, do a gluten challenge? Thanks everyone!