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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Totally disagree on not having second blood test. My daughter had hers after 8 months gluten free and although numbers had gone down, she was still positive. I felt I needed to know; need to be even more careful, etc. Am upset it's not where it should be. Her iron is also low. Any ideas there? She's on a supplement; four months ago it was fine...
  2. My daughter was 4 and 1/2 and it was like a four month long process!! First we had to get her to sit on the potty and go in a pull up on the potty. Then, gradually, cut away at pull up, with bribes all the way, then, she was going through a whole in the pull up which by this time was like a skirt. Then, it happened. For us it was definitely related to constipation which I think is related to her celiac. Good luck!!
  3. My daugher (newly diagnosed) has chronic constipation and STILL (at age 4) wants to go poo in a diaper. We ask her to try first on the toilet, then let her go in a diaper. At two years old, I wouldn't even be worrying about it.
  4. My daughter (newly diagnosed) is also anemic. We are supposed to be giving her iron. She couldn't tolerate it in liquid form so we give her Solaray cherry chewable multivitamins that have an adequate amount of iron. I called Soloray, they are gluten free. My daughter will have another CBC in 6 weeks, but I think her iron level must be better b/c she looks and feels so much better already. I would definitely want an iron supplement of some form if I were you. Call the doctor, I'm surprised he/she didn't prescribe something. Our doc. was concerned about the anemia (hemoglobin 9.6.)
  5. Thanks for responding. The CF test was NEGATIVE Yeah!! Glad I did it. And let me tell you, my daughter is doing so well on the diet!! It's been 1 month and we totally notice a difference. She wants to eat, for one thing, and has more energy, and his happier, etc. Less anxious. Belly is not distended. But still constipated. Anyway. Thanks again.
  6. My daughter (just diagnosed at age 4) did not have ANY of the classic symptoms. She was 50% on growth curve, and she had chronic CONSTIPATION. No diarreah. Had her tested for celiac disease and for cystic fibrosis. Thank goodness CF was negative; celiac disease was positive, it was a simple blood test, followed by a biopsy/endoscopy under general anesthesia. At first I was sad she had celiac. Now I am happy, b/c after one month on the diet, she is doing SOO Much better!! Still constipated, but has more energy, is happier. No distended belly, wants to EAT and eat a lot, etc. I tell everyone who has any GI issue at all to get the blood test. If 1 in 130 people have it, it's worth it to get a simple blood test. Had my 17 month old get the test too but it was inconclusive. I guess there is that risk w/ a toddler but I would still do it.
  7. To whoever asked about good gluten-free cookbook for kids: Incredible Edible Gluten Free foods. Re; those who think you should not do biopsy b/c it is so invasive, I respectfully disagree. We just had one for our 4yo who had positive blood work. It was not that big a deal, and the dr. got to see the extent of the damage, and got to look at her body on the way down. She diagnosed an ulcer which could be the cause of our daughter's anemia, and gave us ways to treat it. In short, going in for a look seems to me to be the wisest way to go, especially since it is the "gold std." What if you just go gluten-free and don't know about some other problem that could be caught via endoscopy? Also, I know celiac disease mimics some other diseases (such as cystic fibrosis, Crohns) and the biopsy was not consistent w/ these, thankfully (although I'm still doing the sweat test next week for my own well-being). We bought the book "Eating Gluten Free With Emily" for kids, which my daughter loves, tells all about the diagnosis, etc.
  8. I don't know about "like" but my 4 yo daughter tolerates (with a treat afterwards) two Solaray Multivitamins chewable cherry flavor from Whole Foods. High in iron, which she is deficient in.
  9. My daughter had the positive celiac panel and biopsy (blunted not flat) recently. she has had chronic constipation, distended belly, stomach pains, etc. No real growth issues. But I've heard that the symptoms of celiac mimic those of cystic fibrosis, now I'm worried she CF either also or instead of celiac. I'm going to do the sweat test next week. She's 4 and has had no upper respiratory issues (other than occassional cough/cold) but now has a wet, yucky cough that has gotten me totally freaked. Thx for any comments!
  10. Now What?

    Don't worry! The endoscopy/biopsy is fine! I was really worried too. Ask for vercet b/f they wheel them into ER. My daugther is very anxious, so they let me suit up and come in with her to OR until she was out from the gas. Of course then they had to "escort" me out, b/c I didn't want to leave.... The whole thing took 45 minutes. She was upset for about an hour, fine the next day. My question is about lactose intolerance. Does going gluten-free make some people more distressed from dairy??? Our GI told us to use lactaid, it is helping, but why the sudden gas pains from dairy? THX
  11. We are newly diagnosed too, just started diet; we just had an endoscopy; why did your doctor do a colonoscopy too? Am worried we have wrong diagnosis even with blood test and biopsy showing blunted (but not flat) villi. Thanks. Allie is 4.