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  1. Thank you. I guess I could have celiac then... Glad to be getting the test done!
  2. I am very new to the topic of being gluten free and the condition of celiac. After reading many posts on this site I am SHOCKED that so many of your stories sound just like me! Could it really be as simple as changing my diet to be rid of these terrible panic attacks, constant depression/sadness, and extreme ADHD? I cant remember a time in my whole life when I wasnt anxious about something! My mom says looking back she thinks she saw me have a panic attack when I was 2 years old. I have suffered ever since. I have been mis-diagnosed, treated wrong, & been on so many medications that my bathroom cabinet looks like a pharmacy. My anxiety was so bad I dropped out of high school. I got a little better and got my GED and continued on to college. Unfortunatey, I have only completed two semesters of college in 5 years. Basically anxiety, depression, and ADHD have ruined my life. I take a slew of medicines every day and night but sometimes they help and sometimes they dont at all! I am still looking for hope and a cure. From reading these posts and doing independant research I do NOT think that I have Celiac. I am still going to get tested for it. I just dont have hardly any of the symptoms. Is it possible though that alot of my anxiety and depression and ADHD are from an intolerance or allergy to gluten? Should I just try a gluten free diet to test? Is there a particular diet I should follow? Are there any books that are helpful? Please post as soon as possible... I am desperate for some relief! Thanks for all of the insight into this!