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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been misdiagnosis for 25+ years. I was told it was IBS. I'm not a big dessert person either. Patience is not something I have a lot of! I'm tryin, I have two beautiful girls to live for and I need to function and live for them. One personal question, does anyone think of suicide? I've gotten that low but it's the dehydration talking.
  2. I'm in this same full boat! I was diagnosed the end of April of this year, I lost 30 pounds. I'm 5'8 and am stalled at 115. I am actually wearing kids shorts WITH adjustable waist so my pants stay up. I'm in a lot of pain when I eat and everything just runs right through me. I'm really tired of the doctor throwing all kinds of meds at me to stop the D, I want to know what is causing it. I had blood drawn last Friday to check for any gluten in my system and then completed a 72 hour fecal collection. That was NOT FUN! I'm still trying to figure all of this out! I am so overwhelmed! And on days like this when I'm in pain and dehydrated, I just what to give up. Put me in a box and be done with it. Out of my entire family, I'm the only one with celiac. Thanks for letting me vent! At least reading on here, I know I'm not the only one living with this disease.
  3. Newly Gluten Free

    My name is Lisa and I'm new to this site. I was diagnosed with Celiac 1 week ago. Needless to say, this has been a living hell! I have been have digestive issues for 20 plus years and now finally have an answer. We are weeding out all wheat in the house with my 10 years old being the "Drill Sargent"! I feel like crap, have no energy, can't think straight, running to the bathroom 24 hours a day, and no sleep. PLEASE tell me this will get better!!! I feel fine when I eat, but when the food moves through my small bowl, the pain is a 8 or 9!! It is just unreal. I get the pain under control and then it's off to bed where I get up 10 times an hour to go to the bathroom. Is it just me? Any help or understanding would be greatly appreciated!!