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  1. I Did Have Those And They Were Low So they Said Negative...I Am Wondering If These genetic Tests Say I Don't Have TheGenes
  2. My sister was diagnosed with Celiac two weeks ago and I am in the process of being tested. I have had the celiac blood tests that came back negative but my sister's numbers were low and I have two little boys so her GI doctor suggested that we have the genetic done. I did have the tests done...and here are the results are as follows: DQ Alpha 1 01, 02:01 DQ Beta 03, 05 serology Equivalence 9,5 I have no clue what any of this means...can anyone help me? And it also says Genetic Pairs Present- no My guess is that its negative so I don't carry the genes. But I have tried to google this and I do NOT understand it at all... Thanks in advance...and I love this site