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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Turns out I'm allergic to the plastic composition in some contacts. Bizarre. Anyways, one I did a three week trial and error with 8-10 different brands, I found one that's perfect. So crazy.
  2. So I cut dairy and found EAS carb control protein shakes that are gluten and dairy free! So far so good. I gave up on trail mix and also switched from coffee to tea. A world of difference!! Thanks for the help
  3. So it seems no matter what gluten-free brands I try I still get that awful bloated want to die feeling from coffee, trail mix and protein shakes/meal replacements. Anyone having the same issues? I get really busy at work and need to find snacks and some sort of drinkable meal to get me through without a reaction. I've tried the gluten-free slim fast, ensure, designer whey, special k....all the same effect. It also happens with my coffee even though my creamer is gluten free. Trail mix is a weird one for me because I can eat dried fruits fine, so maybe the plant the nuts are processed in? I'm really beginning to despise eating...it's just a never ending battle just to feel normal! help please
  4. Has anyone else wondered if they are prone to corneal ulcers due to the autoimmune response to gluten? I try to stay on a gluten-free diet but am having crazy symptoms still when I eat certain foods. I literally have had a few ulcers in the past from contacts but since going gluten-free, I get them every couple weeks. I've tried four brands of the most breathable contacts and nothing helps? Could this be because I'm getting cross contaminated somewhere in my diet?
  5. I guess soy is more of the issue for me...I'm new to label reading for so and people have scared me half to death to eat anything store bought...I'm looking for normal items such as cereals, yogurts, any sort of easy meals that are not at a natural foods store. The natural foods stores here are like vitamin shops and only carry a few items. Everywhere I go anything gluten-free is ridiculously expensive. A loaf of gluten free bread in this town is at least $7 and I literally bought a bag of gluten-free pretzels that cost over $9. I can't afford to buy specialty items and have enough money to pay my rent...
  6. Sorry, I wasn't aware, but still the safest bet would be to actually talk to the Manager face to face. If you show a concern, they may be able to change the processes at that location (not all locations are corporate owned and have more freedom as far as what they can and can't do in that store). A lot of cross contamination issues can be resolved by simply explaining it to the Managers of the restaurants. I am the Property Manager of a very large shopping mall and after moving to a rural town, they had no idea what gluten is. Once I talked to the managers face to face they were much more accomodating when I came in for a business lunch and asked for something gluten-free.
  7. I eat this pizza without reaction a few times a month. I usually ask for no sauce and extra cheese and some veggies. Since I don't know whats in the meats they are using I don't bother. I think it depends on the store manager and the processes they go through. You may want to go in there and talk to the manager about how its prepared to get a better insight on if there will be cross contamination. The disclaimer on the website is to protect against lawsuits mainly and I think a lot of companies do this for liability purposes. Its easier to protect yourself with a disclaimer than to have one employee not follow the rules and get sued for misinfomation...
  8. So after being diagnosed with gluten intolerance a year and a half ago I feel a ton better however I was still having episodes in which I felt like I ate gluten but everything I ate was gluten-free. After a really bad episode, I decided to try Soy free for a week to see if my intolerance was actually soy, not gluten. No such luck. Now I am trying gluten-free, SF and I feel a million times better, but I'm having quite the time trying to find gluten-free, SF foods at the local Fry's or Albertsons in my rural town of Yuma, AZ. I'm also having a ton of trouble because unlike every blogger that has gluten-free, SF recipies out there, I physically don't have the time, money or resources to make everything from scratch every day! I'm looking for a list of products that I can find at my local grocery store (not Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc - they don't have any natural food stores here) that are naturally gluten-free & SF. I prefer not to spend a ton of money on shipping (as most online natural food stores do) so quick, easy meals that I can create from normal products would be helpful. I'm also not a vegetarian, but very picky with my meats so suggesting I buy meats and veggies doesn't help. Thats an obvious answer. Thanks so much for your help on this!!