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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does YOUR pharmacist where gloves? Nope...None do.......Its not gross or unsanitary at all. In no pharmacy do you see pharacists or or the staff wearing gloves. For lots of reasons.
  2. Thanks. Yes I take many Vit B. I take so many suppliments everyday. I am not seeing any difference in my hair, I posted another question about it. I work in a pharmacy and handle hundreds of pills daily. So many I am being contaminated and dont know it. I am getting a foods IgG test gone on the 18th of Aug and a DHEA test on the 10th. Been so off for awhile and I am ready to be heathly again. Just cant seem to pin down whats wrong with me. Thanks for the feedback. REBECCA
  3. Weird question I work in a Pharmacy and I handle hundreds of pills in a day with my hands. I have been really not good laetly, loosing and breaking SO much hair. Getting tests done, to understand whats going on. My question is could I be getting contaminated by the meds I touch everyday. Been doing this a year. I appreciate the feed back. Rebecca
  4. Hello Fellow Celiacers. I was diagnosed 10 years ago, and its been fairly good since. About 2 years ago I tought myself to eat oats (Oatmeal) for breakfast. Never used to. gross..lol Now I have been really suffereing bad with aches, pain, severe neck stiffness and headaches, migraines, stiffness and now hair loss and breakage. I am also under a great deal of stress but I have always have been, but being in such cronic pain all the time...having NO energy all the time will make one stressed. Saw a naturapath Doc yesterday and she suspects the oats I eat every single day but I was always told Oats were fine. Mine are Wheat free... No one can seem to get a handle on whats wrong. I am miserable Any ideas.
  5. I really appreciate the feed back. It's super great to know I am not alone in this boat. Having Celiac in the first place is a nightmare, but when I am contaiminated, I get so bad All I want to do it hide and never leave the house,. Its tough. My emotions are so bad. The fog is a good way to describe it. I feel dumb, and am easily confused and cant seem to handle things as well as I can when all is well. Depression, and just plain irritaed at everything and everyon. THANK YOU! REBECCA
  6. Well thats just sad lol I found it hard at first to attend dinner parties at friends or family. I just decided I wouldnt go and if I had to ,I ate before I went so I could just nibble. However, being at a dinner party and not eating, you get the looks from people. Why are you eating, is the food not good enough for you. It puts the spotlight on you, and I hate the spotlight. I really just prefer not going. lol My grandma was horrible. (I wont go into details) but she died from cancer of the gut, so I am convinced she had it. It comes from her side. Many of her kids have it (not my dad, his Thyroid is toast though) I am glad there is a place to come to, even after 8 years, I still learn so much. HUGS LadyK and the rest of you. REBECCA
  7. Hi Lovechild- Doctors dont take it as seriously as they should. My Dr. at the time said you most likely didnt have it. I asked for the test when my aunt came to me as said 4 aunts have it, an several cousins. Turned out, I did. I recommend being persistant its your heath. In the mean time go gluten free, it wont hurt you. Do it long enough....may take some time to see a real difference. I am not to sure about some of the symptoms, like high iron, usally its lower with Celiac (anemia and all) and lhigh b12...your are vitamin deficient with Celiac. it can be super frusterating when your not well and you cannot understand why. I felt the same. I cam here all those years back and it helped me so much. GOOD LUCK! Rebecca
  8. So Fed Up

    I had it for so long before being diagnosed. I was a mess growing up and untill I finally found out was was the issue. My Dad does not take it serious at all (Even though its HIS side of the family it comes from) mom still makes me feel bad for being so "bad" all those years. If I eat there or go out, they forget. And then I feel like crap because I am sitting and not eating. Dealing with people and their "nit getting it" is the hard part for me. I hate the "Oh so you cant eat bread? " Oh, if that was all it was. *sigh* LOL
  9. I had a question regarding the celiac attack. I was reading here about some of the attcks you folks have and I have to ask. I was told I had celiac at 30 (8 years) I had a blood test only, but it was off the charts. My question is, when I have a celiac attack (and its never a great deal of wheat eaten on accident) I do not have many if any physical symptoms. Rather my mood and emotions become very bad. I am not even the same person. I cant think, I get SUPER depressed. ect. Am I the only one who has this? Because, I had gluten just over a week ago (a mistake in a resturant) and feeling an emotional change. My hair even seems different. I need to know if this is common, or possible or should I be looking into something else. When I am on a strick diet, I am just fine. THANKS bunches REBECCA