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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Frustrated With Results

    My mom made cut out sugar cookies at Christmas time a couple years ago. I went over after she made them and sat at the table talking with her while she frosted them. Had a really bad reaction. I may as well of just ate one. At least then my reaction may have been worth it (she makes the best cookies). Now I don't go over for a couple days after she makes them, or does a lot of baking. I gave up trying to do a shared kitchen. I was still getting trace amounts of gluten. Even had separate pots, pans, spatulas, anything plastic was not shared. Had a separate stand alone cabinet to put gluten items in. Next to it was a granite topped island cart where they made sandwiches, poured cereal etc. I did not allow floury mixes.
  2. Thank you. Completly missed the seal on the box (jumbo box from Sams club). Don't know how I did, looked all over the thing several times. I was thinking, seal? There was no seal? Looked at the box again and it was right there in front of my face.
  3. I've been searching but not finding anything. Their customer service isn't open yet and need to make sure their mixes are made in a dedicated facility.
  4. No Printed gluten-free Menu At Red Robin

    The baskets always had paper liners. But when they took away the baskets, they served my gluten free burger on a plastic plate that is used for gluten foods that had scratches in it. I don't like the idea of eating off a plastic plate that had gluten on it. I always figured that even if the baskets got gluten on them there was a paper liner keeping my food from touching it.
  5. No Printed gluten-free Menu At Red Robin

    I was asked if I had a smart phone. When I said yes I has given business card sized card with a bar code to scan and it took me straight to the web site for the location I was at. What I didn't like was they stopped using the yellow baskets and served it on the same plastic plates they use for gluten food. I talked to the manager and told him didn't like the shared plates and if they're going to do it that way they need to line the plate with paper so the food doesn't touch the plate.
  6. Food Causing Insomnia

    I was told I had fibromyalgia. My "fibromyalgia" went away when I cut out all gluten. If I get a really bad glutening then my "fibromyalgia" comes back bad for about a week then slowly goes away again. See if your mom is willing to ask her doctor to run a full celiac panel. If she can't get a celiac test, it might be worth it for her to cut out gluten and see if it helps her too.
  7. Aldi's

    I also reacted after eating Aldis stuff. Have no idea which product it was. Kind of went on a gluten free shopping spree. I had the reaction I get from small amounts over time. I have a gluten free house and usually only add one new item at a time so if i do have a reaction I know what caused it. I have had the pizza pockets, wraps, and yellow cake mix since then and was okay. But I also really spaced them out (kids really like the wraps and pizza pockets). I did have a few slices of amaretto cake, and banana bread I made from the cake mix. So I'm pretty sure the cake mix is good. I made plain frosted cupcakes for a Christmas party and no one knew they were gluten free.
  8. Their brownies are the best. I've made them and gluten eaters had no idea they were gluten free. Had a cheese cake with the brownie used as the crust. Their yellow cake mix makes a to die for (adult only) armetto cake. I've also used it to make kind of an apple spice cake and topped it cream cheese frosting. Don't care to much for plain yellow cake ( kind of dry). Have several potluck events a year so have to get creative for desserts to take.
  9. This is definitely chiari. I get dizzy, blurred vision, motion sickness, ringing in my ears, numb/t had pressure in the back of my head, numb/fingerling arms and hands, I can sometimes hear and feel my heart beat in my head, my neck popping echoes in my head. I get a sharp, stabbing, electric shock type pain starting at the base of my skull and goes up and deep into my head, this causes tunnel vision, then usually complete loss of vision. The pain is so intense I can't move, It has dropped me to the floor several times. It happens if I sneeze, cough, yawn, stretch, look up, or sometimes I don't even know what I did. I thought dealing with doctors over celiac was bad, chiari is even worse. Neurosurgeon said he didn't think I needed surgery because the cine MRI showed good flow, didnt care what my symptoms were. Neurologist offered carpel tunnel surgery, drugs for my raynaud's , and a drug for something else (I can't remember for what). None of which I asked for (never looked for treatment because they didn't bother me enough to take drugs) or even had anything to do with the chiari I was seeing him for. As for the chiari, his advise "just don't look up".
  10. I replaced anything that was wood or plastic(storage bowls, cutting boards, spatulas, rolling pin, measuring cups/spoons, etc) along with the toaster, mixer, can opener, scratched pots and pans. Any thing metal and not scratched or glass was scrubbed really well with hot soapy water. Every cabinet and drawer was emptied and scrubbed with soapy water inside and out. Every shelf and drawer in the fridge was scrubbed inside and out. Counters, door knobs(everyone in the house), drawer handles, light switches (whole house), and any other surface I though had a slight chance of having gluten like the TV remote and door ways were all scrubed with hot soapy water. I'm sure it was over kill but I was tired of feeling like I was glutened and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I tried the shared kitchen with a stand alone cabinet for gluten with dedicated counter on the other side of the kitchen for gluten. It didn't work. It was a pain, caused me stress and not with it. If they want gluten then can eat it somewhere else. Check spices, spice blends can have gluten. Open condiments and spices can be contaiminated. As can sugar and other baking ingredients like baking soda, corn starch, etc.
  11. I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation in Nov/Dec 2013. The symptoms went away for the most part. I avoided anything that caused symptoms to increase for weeks (no lifting, bending up and down, increased heart rate, etc) and then slowing was able to do more without issues. I got glutened a few weeks ago and as I was feeling better from being glutened my Chiari symptoms started acting up and are getting worse. Trying to figure out if gluten caused my Chiari to flare up and hope it will calm down again like it did the first time. Or if I need to start looking into treatment for Chiari.
  12. Could This Be Caused By Gluten?

    Fibromyalgia is a very good reason to try going gluten free. But you need to be tested for celiac first. Make sure they run all the tests. If you improve on a gluten free diet it will be really hard to go back on it to be tested. I was told I had fibromyalgia and all those symptoms pretty much went away when I went gluten free. I have minor issues here and there but they really flare when I get glutened. I refused to accept fibromyalgia as a diagnosis from my doctor. I feel that it is a name given to a group of symptoms that a doctor couldn't (or was to lazy to) figure out the cause. My gastroenterologist agreed with me, but you should of seen the look on his face when I told him I felt giving someone a diagnosis was IBS was basically the same.
  13. Crohns does not just affect the large intestine. It can affect anything from the mouth to the anus and anywhere in between.
  14. My husband just drinks out of the bottles so I don't worry (beer the only gluten allowed in my house). What about hand washing the glasses in an empty sink using a dedicated sponge or disposible rag. Then clean the sink after. That way no gluten can get on any other dishes or on a rag and spead to counters etc. I As far as kissing, no kissing until he brushes his teeth. My husband eats gluten at work (actually has stuff to make sandwiches stocked up at work along with other gluten filled quick meals). So make sure he brushes his teeth after drinking beer and if he has ate gluten while he was out of the house.
  15. Going to spend a night or two in the Phoenix/ Mesa area, maybe a night in sedona, kids want a couple nights in Vegas( want to zip line down Fremont st again). Have no idea where we will be stoping at along the way or even which states were driving through yet to get there. Looking at a 2,500 to 3,000 mile trip total.