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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughters and I were all tested by a naturopath using the ELISA blood test. It showed sensitivities to gluten/gliaden and all dairy. (It also showed high sensitivity to beef, which the naturopath said he saw a lot of because of the bovine connection.) We all went gluten-free/DF last August and just this month decided to see what our tolerance for dairy was. I made a mushroom risotto that had a little parmesan in it. My oldest daughter had probably not even a full tsp of cheese in her portion and within two hours she had D and started vomiting about 3 a.m. My younger daughter and I felt it in our nose -- stuffy, but nothing so painful. My older daughter is extra-sensitive to gluten now (and apparently dairy), having been away from it for so long. So to respond to your question -- I think it depends on the individual! (Not a definitive answer, but one that seems to be pretty common with these food intolerances!) Good luck! Laura
  2. Seattle Area Anyone?

    We live in Bellevue. My two daughters and I are all gluten-free. You're in Woodinville? Have you been to Made by Mona's yet? I just heard about this place -- it's just off of 522 and 202. Here is her website: http://www.madebymona.com Laura
  3. I came across this article through the DH website and was wondering if anyone here had some input on it: http://www.foodnavigator.com/news/ng.asp?i...ientists-get-to It talks about how peptidase supplementation could be the next approach to helping those with celiac sprue. I then googled "peptidase supplementation" and found that these supplements are available over the counter. Has anyone tried this? I don't think I'd give up a gluten-free diet, but if it could ward off those cross-contamination experiences, it would be so great... Laura
  4. Does It Get Better?

    That really makes sense. Our nutritionist told us that B vitamins are depleted when your body is under stress. And when I went to buy some, the brand I bought are called "Stress Tabs."
  5. Please Help "my Hair"

    I had the hair-falling-out symptom, too. It's the most frightening thing!! Every morning in the shower, handfuls would come out as I shampooed. Mine was a very slow process of discovery -- at first I was told it was just wheat, so I still ate oats, barley, kamut, etc. And the hair kept coming out, although some of my other symptoms abated. Once I got the full gluten understanding and went total gluten-free, the hair loss slowed down, but it did take about 6 weeks before it finally stopped. It's now growing back in (thank goodness) but I have different length hair all over my head! You have to be so vigilant on this diet and I am very grateful that it isn't anything like cancer, or renal failure, but sometimes I just want to be able to eat a hamburger in a restaurant... And the shampoo point that other posters have made -- I also had trouble with this... I used to use a lot of grain-based hair products (there are a lot of them out there!) and once I got rid of those, it helped a lot. Best of luck!
  6. Support/help

    Have you had any success going gluten-free? I had no luck with conventional doctors either -- told me it was just a garden-variety dermatitis and to put betamethasone on my scalp (red and oozy), and topical steroids around my eyes (which were crusty and swelling) and on my neck (which was beet red). I had no idea it was diet-related until a friend of mine recommended going to a naturopath. The naturopath gave me the ELISA blood test that showed high reactions to wheat gluten and gliadin. The celiac test was negative, but I went gluten-free anyway and sure enough, everything cleared up. If I accidentally get some gluten (did you know that imitation crab has wheat flour in it??) it comes back, but I just stick with being gluten-free and it goes away again. The best thing about going gluten-free to resolve these problems is that you're not trying an experimental drug so there is no danger. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it. Good luck!
  7. Both of my daughters and I tested high on the ELISA blood panels for wheat gluten/gliaden (they were at the highest end of high). The Transglut IGA blood tests for celiac were negative for all of us. We all went gluten-free in September and all of our physical ailments cleared up. In the process, my oldest daughter (11 yo) became extremely sensitive to gluten. (We bought our own toaster because she was feeling the contamination of her dad's wheat toast.) I recently took her to a pediatric GI to rule out any thing other than gluten intolerance. After looking at a stomach x-ray and stool and urine tests, the doctor believed that it is probably gluten intolerance. She said the celiac blood test was really good, but it could miss a few cases and a biopsy was our best way to go. She went on to say that it's important to know if it's celiac or not because if it is NOT celiac, it might just be a wheat allergy that my daughter could outgrow. If it is celiac, it would be lifelong. My daughter perked up when she heard the doctor say that she might outgrow it, so I feel a definitive answer would be great. BUT, from my reading I understand that a negative biopsy doesn't necessarily mean you don't have celiac. To do this biopsy, my daughter would have to be eating gluten, three times a day for three weeks! She suffers for a half a day if her rice bread is toasted in a wheat toaster! I was reading on Enterolabs website that they have genetic testing for the propensity for gluten sensitivity, but it didn't say that it was specifically testing for a celiac gene. So I turn to this very well-informed community for the following questions: 1. Can you be this hyper-sensitive to gluten and NOT be celiac? 2. Can you outgrow a wheat allergy? 3. Is it worth going on gluten for 3 weeks to have a biopsy for Celiac? 4. Does the Enterolab genetic test identify only gluten-sensitivity and NOT celiac? (I'll probably email them directly, but just in case someone knows it already...) Thanks so much!! Laura
  8. Eye Swelling And Crusting--help!

    Oh my gosh. I had no idea it actually had a name. And I googled it and saw pictures. After one MD, one dermatologist and a naturopath, I still didn't get this diagnosis, which is what I'm pretty sure it was, because my hair also did the oozing bit around the follicles. I had originally thought it was DH, but it didn't quite fit the pictures I was seeing. Nicolette, what kind of doctor diagnosed this for you? I actually have tested negative on the blood test for celiac; I'm wondering -- can you just be gluten intolerant and get blepharitis, or does it go hand-in-hand with being a full-blown celiac? Curious if I should go for the Enterolab tests, which I hear is pretty much the gold standard... Thanks for sharing! Laura
  9. The one thing that had gluten that I didn't even think about eliminating until my scalp/neck still got sores was my shampoos. Almost everything I had either had wheat or oats in it. You have probably already checked this, but just in case... Laura
  10. Eye Swelling And Crusting--help!

    This is EXACTLY one of the things I experienced! At the time, I had no idea it was food related. The dermatologist just told me to put cortaid on it, but the problem was, unless I was putting cortaid on, it just kept coming back. For me, it was mainly my left eye and it was red, puffy, and crevassed. People in the stores looked at me like I was diseased. It was awful. It wasn't until I found a naturopath that pointed me down the food path that things cleared up. Yes, this was definitely a gluten issue for me. It took about 6 weeks for it to fade entirely away. And as it was going away, because it had been swollen for so long, the skin was sagging around my eye. Which also had me concerned that I would always look this way, but eventually it tightened up, too. Good luck, and keep us posted! Laura
  11. Scalp Problems

    So far, so good on the eggs. It has been 4 days. It would be so great to get eggs back. So many great gluten-free bread recipes use eggs... My hair loss was pretty much spread throughout my head. At one point, it was so much that I could run my hand over my scalp and feel the little bristles all over of the new growth. I guess I was just happy there *was* new growth. I understand some people lose it permanently... Good luck with eggs and your son! Laura
  12. Thanks so much! I'm going to go get some right now.
  13. Over this past summer, both of my daughters and I have discovered we are gluten-intolerant, even though we all test negative for celiac disease. We all express our intolerance a little differently -- I through my skin, my youngest daughter through her energy level, and my oldest daughter through her gut. Skin and energy level are fairly easy to continue with a regular life, but when my oldest gets "glutened," it will wipe her out for 2-3 days with stomach upset, maybe some diarrhea. We have been pretty good at avoiding everything, but there is an occasional slip-up. I was wondering how other people react to getting glutened. I know there is probably a wide variety of responses. I'm just curious if the 2-3 day range of being out sick is about average. Also, if your stomach is affected, is there anything you do to help it? We've been using heat and Alka-Seltzer Gold (recommended by a nutritionist), which helps a little. Thanks! Laura
  14. Gf Eating In Seattle

    School has started for me and when gluten slips into my diet I get reactions so strong I have to stay home from school.I was sick today and I hated it! I had eated at a mexian resturaunt the night before and had had a taco. The shell looked to be corn but it must of had gluten in it because I was sick the next day!. I reccomend eating at Japanese resturaunts. There is a thing called sushi on a converbelt where there is a big converbelt with sushi on it and you talke the rolls you want off it.I tried it and its really fun!
  15. Carrie, My heart goes out to you. You just want your kids to have the same options as other kids, but we know that they simply can't. My kids are getting used to packing their own gluten-free cupcake or brownie when they go to someone's bd party; they know they have to turn down classroom treats. They are also dairy intolerant, so Halloween, with all that milk chocolate, is going to be hard. You are doing such a good job with your vigilance and your quest for knowledge on behalf of your kids. Good for you. I will throw one more oil into the mix here, which I haven't seen mentioned... Emu oil. I had a patch of eczema on the back of my leg as I was going gluten-free. Itched like crazy. Put emu oil on it and after the very first application I got relief and a visible diminishing of the red scaliness. I used it on my eczema as my other symptoms were clearing and now that I have been gluten-free about 10 weeks, the eczema is almost all gone. I used the oil for 2-3 weeks until the diet finally took hold. Best of luck to you! Laura