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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi thanx for the replys, i was positive on the endomysial antibody test and the anti ttg test, but when I had my endoscopy I was pulling the tube out alot so the person who did the procedure said she couldnt really get a clear view in there, and she only biopsied 1 area too. Thank you for the info nvsmom, its helped abit but do you think they would be able to notice anything in a colonoscopy that would be signs of celiac? or is that just for the inflammatory bowel? and nogluten cooties - thats interesting, I might consider asking for a candida stool test because Ive had recurring thrush for about 2 years now and its never gone away even with the thrush medicines, ive just got to wait for an appointment now to have my colonoscopy but I'm super nervous lol x
  2. Hi all, Just to recap from all thats been happening with me, I had positive blood tests for celiac desease and went for an endoscopy but that was normal. so my gastroenterology specialist said I do not have celiac desease and that I have gluten intolerance, I was really upset because I truly believed I had this and he was telling me I didn't have it, in that appointment he asked me to do a stool sample to check for inflammatory bowel desease, and I just received a letter saying the results were abnormal and the fecal calprotectin test showed that my bowels are probably inflamed :/ it had a result of 92 when the normal range for that test is between 0 to 50, does anyone know anything about this test and what this means if my result was 92, because it sounds scary, its a lot over 50 in the letter he wrote 'the evidence is that you still probably do not have celiac desease but you might have another condition causing your diarrhoea which might possibly be triggered by gluten-containing products. i would therefore like to organise a large bowel examination called a colonoscopy where we will take photos and biopsies afterwards if required. it might also be beneficial if you go back on a gluten containing diet for two to three weeks before the bowel examination.' I'm kind of in shock at this letter because in the last meeting we had, he was sooo sure that I 100% did not have celiac desease and that it was just gluten intolerance, but in this letter he seems not so sure.. hmm. So I 'probably' don't have celiac desease.. I'm confused, oh and I would like to ask what other conditions can cause my bowel to be inflamed that is caused by gluten? Because I've never heard of any other conditions, just gluten intolerance and celiac desease. also to anyone who has had a colonoscopy before, what is it like? does it hurt and should I ask for general anaesthetic because I had a really bad experience before when I was awake through my endoscopy Also can someone please explain to me about inflammatory bowel desease, because I googled it and it said that its not just one desease, thank you very much for reading xx
  3. Powerofpositivethinking - thank you, that's very true some doctors just don't know how to speak to people, I was waiting over 4 months for that appointment and got my hopes up about having a diagnoses I guess that's why I was so upset, I just wish I could have a confirmed and like proper diagnoses because its hard also when people ask me why I'm eating different food from them, like at family parties, and I have to explain that I 'think' I have celiac disease and not been confirmed lol, but I know that I definitely have a gluten problem so that alone will make me continue to eat gluten free, also the gluten free food is so expensive so its hard I'm going to do the test he wants me to do just so I will know if I have that inflammatory bowel condition but I know I don't anyway. x Kassia - Yes I can see know when I think about it, but yesterday I just had got my hopes up about it, Ohh I have a question, does non celiac gluten intolerance cause the blood tests to be positive sometimes? and I was actually told I had IBS before the doctor thought of testing me for celiac disease lol, and then with the positive result, my doctor told me that I did have celiac disease and thats why I was so sure of it, but gluten intolerance seems to be the best I can get for a diagnoses. Thank you x
  4. Hi Skyblue, thanks for the post, yes I was eating gluten when I had the endoscopy and didnt start my gluten free diet till I'd had all my testing done.
  5. Is that a conference or something I'm not too sure what that means, thats interesting about the slight positive then negative the next day, I thought the endomysial antibody blood test was the best one out there, and that it was more specific than the others, i guess they are doing more research and seeing that its not that good? hmm
  6. Thanks karen, I guess I could be gluten intolerant but the main thing that makes me think its celiac is the endomysial test, is there any way that I can still get a diagnoses now? ive heard of people getting a second opinion but i dont know how to go about that, and this appointment took over 4 months of waiting for it i dont know why its so difficult to get a diagnoses, its really bothering me, do you think there would be any doctors who specialise in celiac disease in england? because I really feel like my case needs to be looked into, and also I need to be diagnosed because gluten free food is so expensive, so if I could get a prescription for that it would help so much. I feel like I need a miracle lol. x
  7. I didnt get the ranges of the blood tests, just got a copy that said I had a ttg blood test which was 3 (borderline), and endomysial is weakly positive, sorry I'm not very helpful I was told there was 5 biopsies that were taken but have no idea which parts they were taken from. I will post here what the endoscopy form said: thank you HISTOLOGY-V5 HISTOLOGY REPORT HISTOPATHOLOGY REPORT CLINICAL DETAILS ?coeliac disease. SPECIMEN Small bowel biopsy, D2 MACROSCOPY Multiple biopsies measuring 0.5mm to 2mm. MICROSCOPY Sections show small bowel mucosa with a normal villious/crypt architecture. There is no significant increase of acute inflammatory cells in the lamina propria and increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes is not seen. Parasites have not been identified. There is no morphological evidence of coeliac disease in these biopsies. CONCLUSION Duodenal biopsy: within normal histological limits. End of report.
  8. Hi karen, thanks for the reply. I have copies of my blood testing and the endoscopy report etc, and the endomysial antibody test was weakly positive, and the ttg iga test was a 3. which he says was 'borderline', but im not sure what that word means, the person who did the endoscopy took 5 biopsys in total, and while I was having the procedure, I was pulling the tube out alot so the lady said she couldnt get a clear view in there x
  9. Hi everyone, I just had my gastroenteroligist appointment today and left the room crying, I felt like the doctor just didnt listen to me or take me seriously at all, he made me feel so small. he started off by saying that he has good news, that I dont have celiac disease because my biopsys came back normal, but when I asked him why my blood tests were positive, especially the endomysial antibody one, he said that there are always mistakes in science and that those results were wrong, and he even said that no-one uses the endomysial antibody test anymore because thats an old one, I've never heard that before :/ also he called celiac disease an 'allergy'. I told him I've been on the gluten free diet for 3 and a half months now and some of my symptoms are improving, and he said maybe I'm gluten intolerant. I felt like he was speaking to me rudely, because he kept saying we are going around in circles here, these are the results and thats that. and that he doesnt know what i want from him and I could tell he was getting annoyed, I even said to him that I'm sorry for asking so many questions but he just sighed. he now wants to test me for inflammatory bowel or something and has given me a fecal sample container to use.. I'm so unhappy all I wanted was a diagnoses but he just made me feel stupid for being there. he also said that Ive gained weight from the first appointment but that wasnt true at all because I have lost almost a stone since going gluten free, he couldnt even find my blood tests results on his papers so he had to look it up online, and he was trying to rush me out of the room. I've never felt so humiliated and depressed in my life, I feel the lowest I've felt in a long long time, please can someone give me any advice or just anything because I truly feel like giving up Thank you x
  10. Hi Celiac Mindwarp, I had my appointment and she looked through all the celiac tests that I've had and said I've already had the whole celiac panel already. I didn't know because I wasn't told lol, she said everything was normal except the endomysial one was positive and the ttg one. I'm glad I've had them done so I don't need to now, but she said something that confused me, she said that the genetic test is the whole panel, that all the celiac tests are genetic ones, I'm not too sure what she meant but I guess I'll start that diet next and see what happens
  11. The only nutrient blood test I've had done was an iron test and my iron levels turned out to be low. I'd like to have all my vitamins tested but I don't want to ask my gp for too much or they might get tired of me lol. I have an appointment to see a nurse tomorrow and I'll ask her if she can give me blood tests for the celiac blood panel and the genetic test. I hope she will give me them because im planning on getting a copy and bringing them to my next gasto appointment so thats like proof then, also I'll be a few weeks into the diet by the time I see him so I hope I have some good signs of getting better and that will be kinda like my evidence, I really hope I will get a diagnoses. They didn't tell me what tests they gave me either Mindwarp, I just saw two positive test results on a gastro letter randomly, but I'll be asking about the blood tests tomorrow, I'll let you know what happens on here!
  12. Hi Cara, I think I'll try and get all of the celiac blood tests that I haven't had yet and then if any of them are positive it may make the doctor more likely to diagnose me? Well hopefully. My doctor seems to know about celiac disease but I don't know if he will give me the diagnoses, I'm really hoping he will so I would receive nhs prescriptions for the diet which would help bring the cost down because its so expensive x
  13. Thank you cara and notme for your replies, I have another question about the report - you know where they said there is no 'significant' increase in acute inflammatory cells, does that mean there was inflammation in my bowel? but not much? that bits confusing, also when they said small bowel mucosa, is there supposed to be mucosa in the small bowel? I tested positive for the endomysial antibody blood test which is very accurate i hear, So I think I still have celiac too, I'm considering going back to my doctor and asking for a full celiac blood panel and that genetic test just so I can have all the tests done and know for sure. my next plan is to start the diet and see if it helps. Yes I do have many symptoms, they are bloating everyday, constipation, diarrhoea, gassy, really bad belly pains everyday especially after eating dinner, i feel extremely sick every day also, im always pale and ill looking, ive had thrush for the last 2 years which wont go away (not sure if related but I heard it might be), urgency to go to the loo and many other symptoms, ive just been diagnosed with acne rosacea also (not sure if related). Im worried that when I go back to the Gastro doctor he might just say I haven't got celiac now im glad to hear youre feeling better cara. x Notme, thankyou I will try out the gluten free diet next and see how it goes x
  14. Hi everyone, I got my endoscopy report today and I think it's all normal, but I'll type it here what it exactly says, I'm not sure if this is the full report but this is the copy I was given by a nurse. Can anyone explain this to me please? Also I'm not sure what to do now because my blood test was positive and the endoscopy looks normal so does that mean I still have celiac? I don't know what to do I was hoping I would get a diagnoses from this, any advice would be great thanks all x HISTOLOGY-V5 HISTOLOGY REPORT HISTOPATHOLOGY REPORT CLINICAL DETAILS ?coeliac disease. SPECIMEN Small bowel biopsy, D2 MACROSCOPY Multiple biopsies measuring 0.5mm to 2mm. MICROSCOPY Sections show small bowel mucosa with a normal villious/crypt architecture. There is no significant increase of acute inflammatory cells in the lamina propria and increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes is not seen. Parasites have not been identified. There is no morphological evidence of coeliac disease in these biopsies. CONCLUSION Duodenal biopsy: within normal histological limits. End of report. Marie ~
  15. Candida The Cause?

    I'm sure there is a connection too - I believe I have Celiac and am currently waiting for the biopsy results and I also have thrush that I've had for about 2 years, no medicines have worked. I wish the medical profession would do more research on this because I'm sure this is more than just a coincidence, also I have other members of my family who have thrush that doesn't go away - could be genetics too? and that side of my family is also Irish lol, I've heard that are connections between being Irish and Celiac