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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is This Withdrawal?

    LOL! No sorry I should have been more clear. My almost 17yr old was in the ER and now in ICU with a blood clot all the way up her thigh. She is one of those rare people that got a clot due to birth control pills. Thanks for the feedback. I still have a headache on and off and just an upset tummy most of the time. Can't wait for this to pass,
  2. I have been Gluten Free for about 4 days now and I have a punding headache today! I can't get it to go away and I am so tired (but I had a child in ER this morning as well) so that may be the reason I'm dragging. LOL If this is withdrawl how long does it last??
  3. My son had his follow up visit with neuro today since getting his MRI and EEG done. As you know I am new and was looking for insite as my son has had "siezure like" episdoes. His testing came back normal (as we already knew) but his liver enzymes were slightly elevated. So the neuro asked me what his episodes looked like to me and what I thought this may be...so I told him that I am thinking its Celiacs Disease/Gluten Intolerance. He totally dismissed that thought and then proceeded to ask me why I havent had him off of gluten and or to GI for testing??? I told the dr that I have just now been researching Gluten and Celiacs, and that I wanted to get his opinion and I also wanted testing before taking him off of gluten. He told me that whatever I suggested to him that that is what he is going to treat my son for, such as if its seizures, he would give a seizure med or if its not a seizure he would do further testing..... The dr also thinks that because my son can answer a question in a short one word answer during his episodes and that my son can also tell us when he has had an episode that they are not seizures.... So I ask that we get blood testing to rule out Celiacs and he said NO!!!! Then proceeded to prescribe Kepra for seizures that he feels are NOT SEIZURES!!!!! what??? Does this make any sense to anyone here??? I am very upset and will be calling our family dr tomorrow for blood testing for Celiacs. UGH!
  4. Thanks Everyone! I found the YouTube video (Mystery Diagnosis), that boys episode reminds me of my son a little bit. We see Neuro tomorrow and I will definately be asking for a Celiac test for both of us. Thanks LeeAnn
  5. It is wierd isn't it? When the MRI and EEG came back normal, I was just at a loss as to what this might be??? But my first instict even pre"seizure" thought was dietary as he is soooo finicky about what he eats. We also tested his blood sugar during an episode and it was normal.
  6. Hello, I am LeeAnn, mother of 5 children and wondering if my son and myself may have gluten intolerance. My son worries me the most. Several months ago my son started having "episodes" they last just about 10 seconds or so but we thought they were seizures. He starts to mumble and just wonder around, very confused but he knows who we are and where hes at. But he answeres in very short and shallow words/voice. Then he snaps out of it and can tell you that he just had an episode. They are coming more frequent and sometimes followed by a headache and sometimes not. He does sleep walk(always has) so I thought of this as well. We had an MRI and EEG done followed with bloodwork. The only concern is his liver enzymes were slightly elevated so we will repeat the bloodwork next week. We see neuro again on Monday to get his ideas of that this may be. But the thought of gluten intolerance came to my mind for some reason.... My son does not eat healthy or well, he is a texture guy and only eats sweets and they items that would be good for him are grains like sandwiches, chicken nuggets, pizza, bread sticks, and such. So he would always be on "gluten overload". Has anyone experienced episodes like what I described? Also here are mine and his other symptoms that alert me to gluten intolerance.....please tell me what you think (son) very thin and pale (me) larger and gained alot of belly fat over the last 5 years (son) hemaglobin D diagnosis when born (both) ibs, intestinal issues (me) bruise easy (me) memory loss and just out of it alot (both) I have dermatiasis(even cerebral) and son has eczema (son) lots of stomache aches (me) anxiety attacks,depression, was getting sores on both sides of tongue, my knees and legs have been troubling me for some time now (son) sore/stiff legs occasional I am sure there are more symptoms and of course I am almost 40 yrs old so some of ine may be due to age but my biggest concern is my sons episodes and if anyone has experienced any thing like this. Thanks LeeAnn