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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Celiac With Itchy Legs - No Rash

    I did just start taking a womans one a day multi vitamin.... i'm hoping that will help.
  2. Celiac With Itchy Legs - No Rash

    I actually thought the same thing about bugs.... but it happens even when i'm sitting on the couch when I get home from work. Up until bed and then all night long. I went out of town last weekend and even had it at night in the hotel... I have even gone to some friends house and it still is only at night. There is no rhyme or reason to it at all and it drives me crazy!!!
  3. Celiac With Itchy Legs - No Rash

    Mine is not constant... it's only at night. I have spoken with my dr and they don't think it's allergies when I haven't changed anything and if it was that... it would be constant. I don't believe it's a gluten reaction either because I haven't had any gluten that i'm aware of, and I would certainly be feeling it other places if I was getting it. The only thing that soothes mine is ice packs on them. I have even gone to bed with ice packs just so I can sleep.
  4. Celiac With Itchy Legs - No Rash

    That's true... So how do I find what it is and what to do about it??
  5. Celiac With Itchy Legs - No Rash

    Thanks all for your replies... What would the allergic reaction be from if I haven't changed anything in years? I've used the same products forever and if it was that, why only at night. And yes I know about prednisone being bad, I didn't even finish the while dose because of reactions. That stuff is nasty. I just found it odd that when I was taking it, the itching got much better.
  6. Celiac With Itchy Legs - No Rash

    I already do use fragrance free and always have... I'm a creature of habit and have been using the same products for years. The odd thing is its mostly at night... Don't have the problem when I'm at work or even out and about.
  7. Hi everyone.. I'm new to the site but I thought I would see if anyone else is having this problem. Hoping for suggestions. I was diagnosed with celiac almost 2 years ago now and have been gluten-free since. The only time I have it is when it's no control by me which is usually cross contamination which then I get sick immediately and break out on my face and chest with a rash. Anyway, for the past 6-7 months now.... I have had extremely itchy legs from the knee cap down. I have not changed any of my products.. Household or personal. My legs are not dry as I put lotions on them daily after shower. There is no rash at all or redness until after I scratch them. Sometimes I scratch so much that they bleed. The only thing that seems to help is if I put ice packs on them. I have tried every lotion, cortisone, creams, EVEryTHinG and nothing seems to help. They keep me up at night they itch so bad. I have mentioned to my dr and was suggested to take Benadryl but it hasn't done a thing. My dr put me on prednisone for another problem with my back and when I was on that for 5 days, it actually stopped, but I certainly don't want to go on that forever. Anyone out there have any suggestions or is goin thru the same thing? Summer is hopefully around the corner and I would like to show off my long legs but right now they look horrible from the scratching and bleeding. Sorry for it being so long...