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  1. My IgG was 44, TSH low, PTH very high, and VIT D was rock bottom. Been gluten free for 6 weeks now and excited to see the lab changes when they are ran again in 1.5 mor months. After 40+ years of suffering I'm glad to have a name and plan of attack!
  2. Diagnosed Celiac last week and cold turkey quit gluten, corn, soy, dairy, many RX's (including several benzos) and caffeine. First few days I had the typical caffeine withdrawal headache. Now I feel as though I'm living in reverse, experiencing the various health issues I encountered over the many years leading up to last week, one by one. Insomnia and tinnitus is maddening during the withdrawal. I've been tripling my probiotic consumption as directed and my supplements arrive next week. Hoping that helps take the edge off a bit. Hot water with a lemon slice and some honey helps with the detox and is soothing to the gut. Determined to get through this and back to health and well being. Any advise for sleep? Diagnosis leading up to Celiac diagnosis (spanning 40 years...searching for the answer): Migraines ADD Gallbladder issues GERD IBS Gastroparesis PMDD Chronic sinusitis Hypothyroidism Peripheral Neuropathy Secondary Hyperparathyroidism VIT D deficiency Auto-immune (idiopathic) Chronic Fatigue Osteoarthritis Mood disorder Sleep apnea Depression Anxiety