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  1. Good evening everyone. This year so far has been extremely rough for me in terms of health. I've been getting sick more often annd just generally feel horrible. Researching my frequent symptoms, the most common suggestion is diabetic or gluten allergy. I wanted to post on here and see if my symptoms sound familiar to anyone. -Frequent headachea. Wont go away even after taking meds and sleeping. -Stomach upset. Often feels uncomfortable. I suffer from bloating and gas a lot. -Extreme fatigue. I am tired all the time. But after I eat I feel even worse, almost like a fog has come over me. -Memory problems -Anxiety. Use to be a big issue but I've learned to control it and I believe caffine may have been the culprit. -Constipation -Mood swings -Dizzyness sometimes or lightheadiness -Can't sleep though I'm exhausted. Is this all common for a gluten allergy or intolerance? I notice ny extreme fatigue usually hits me after I eat bread or my kashi wheat biscuit cereal. Worst and most common symptoms for me is the fatigue and headaches.